Support Ronnie Naulls.

I had the pleasure of conversing with Ronnie a few times during both of our struggles. He has remained steadfast in his approach and it seems as if the Government is, at the very least, not completely fucking him. While the system is far from fair, I know Ronnie is happy to not be looking at a 10 year mandatory sentence, like these bastards try to get a lot of people on.  Ronnie is a father and an all around nice guy. I am glad to hear that his three year emotional roller coaster is coming to somewhat of a conclusion. I wish him and the family the best.

Ronald Naulls was a patient who operated a collective in Corona CA  and was targeted by the DEA.  Ronnie is finally being sentenced after  a 3 year legal battle and needs the support of the medical marijuana community.  Below is some information on his case I hope to see many  of you there.

Here are the details for Court this Monday, August 2nd 9 AM.

The government moved to dismiss all drug charges if I plead to filing a false tax return, a felony under IRS guidelines.  We both know that I did not file a false return and used a CPA.  However, since a mmj dispensary is “illegal” under federal law all exemptions and write offs that my CPA made were technically illegal under IRS guidelines.

In a nutshell my attorney said that they wanted to get a pound of flesh and this is their hook line and sinker.  Had I not filed at all with the IRS, then I would be facing tax evasion charges.  A perfect catch 22.  But I digress, they are dropping all mmj charges.

The support is needed because they still want to sentence me to more home confinement, even though I’ve already served 3 years in pre-trial home confinement.  They also want me to pay restitution and fines amounting to over 15K, which I’m also trying to get relieved of because of the assets and forfeiture taken during the raid should. This should arguably offset any sort of restitution or fines the government is trying to impose upon me.

This will most likely be the last Federal mmj case ever prosecuted in Riverside County.  Filling the court seats to capacity sends a strong message to the judge that I provided a service to the community and also have the support of the community.  Community service and support are a strong basis for downward departure.

U.S. District & Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California

Courtroom Judge Virginia Phillips
3470 Twelfth St
Riverside, CA  92501
Monday, August 2nd 9 AM