Thankful for good people who like weed…


I am thankful for a lot of things. For my family….for my successes…for my failures (learning moments)….for where life is great, and also where it sucks.

Being grateful for the world as it is is a difficult task. As humans, we have a tendency to want to shape and mold things to meet our liking. We are often frustrated when we realize there are some things we cannot fix. But learning to accept and deal with an often less than ideal situation is where people learn about themselves and their world.

Being thankful for the good stuff is easy. Being thankful for the challenges though is necessary.

You are the sum of your experiences. Most likely the places you have most grown up to be the good person that you are is when you were faced with an obstacle, you met it head on, and you overcame it and/or dealt with it appropriately. Be thankful for that. That is a moment that shaped who you are today, and people dig that person. If life was always easy it would be super boring and most people would never understand who they really are, or have the potential to be.

It is the people who we share our lives with that make this planet great. Positive relationships with other good people with similar interests and objectives are imperative to the human journey. I am a weed activist, so a lot of the people I run into are good people who also like weed. I have made some amazing friends and extended families in my work in the weed industry. Because weed is such a mystical and enlightening plant, there is no shortage of colorful and great kids who love weed.

I am thankful for the many people who I stand side-by-side with in the trenches with daily fighting for this just and worthy cause. While there are no shortage of wingnuts and losers embedded in the larger “movement,” there are also a million very good people working on this cause. There are people of every color, religion, and orientation that want nothing more than to return cannabis to its rightful place in society.

Some have called us outlaws and rebels; but we are seeing a major shift in our society; and people who support weed are becoming the norm- not the exception. People who like weed are becoming emboldened, as more folks are willing to stand up and say “I like weed and I am a good person.” As the chorus grows louder with those words the walls of prohibition will continue to crumble. Soon enough the fight will be over and the next wave of work will begin.

But I cherish these moments and the people I am honored to work with in the fight for cannabis freedom. These are special days and weed brings together some of the most amazing people. I need to remind myself to take it all in because these days will not be here forever. Prohibition is ending; and as I look around and recognize the dedication and honor that many have brought to the battle field I am humbled to call them my friends, my fellow soldiers, and heroes.

As we march into our final battles look around you. Be thankful that such great people have stepped up to get this done. When the history books are written on cannabis reform, it will not be the snake-oil salesmen that will take up the pages. It will be the courageous folks who stood up and demanded an end to one of the most immoral policies ever put in place.

Thank you.

An Open Letter to the Feds: Exit Strategy


Dear United States Government, including President Obama, the USDOJ, Congress and anyone else who has their hands in the drug war debacle,

Reality is setting in and it is obvious you are coming to grips that you oppressive and violent prohibition on cannabis is ending. It was heartening to hear the US Attorney General Eric Holder discuss sentencing reform and the need to end the policies that have resulted in us jailing 5x the amount of people as the rest of the world. It was also great to read the new memo issued by James Cole stating you would not be interfering with regulated state cannabis programs. Those are both excellent beginnings to what is sure to be a difficult and painful exit from our long history of arresting and jailing people for weed and other small drug infractions.

But now it is time for action. It is time to end this thing for real and move on to more sane and sensible policies for weed. Public sentiment is with you. A recent Gallup poll showed 58% of Americans support legalizing cannabis for adult use. Many more support medical use. So the political cover is there. In comparison, your administration folded on gay marriage, DOMA, and DADT after public support reached about 55%, so this is an even easier transition for you to make.

The reality is it will be difficult work, as we have created quite a mess by imprisoning so many good people for cannabis “crimes.” It is quite the tangled web. But it is necessary and has to be done; so we might as well get right to it.

Here are some valuable strategies that our nation can use to find our way out of this mess:

  1. Admit we were wrong. This is always the toughest, but most fulfilling step in the process. It is human nature to not want to admit we are wrong and screwed up. But it is also where we as humans can grow and evolve. When we understand and clearly vocalize our mistakes we can then begin the path to making things right. It will be difficult for law enforcement and people who have spent their careers imprisoning people for weed to understand and admit; but it will also be freeing. The good news is most of us pot smokers are good people who are pretty forgiving, and more than anything we just want this to be over. So admitting we made a mistake is the first step in making things right. The sentencing reform and cannabis memos were both great starts. Now a clear, “we screwed up on cannabis prohibition” is in order.
  2. Quit taking people to jail for weed. This is likely the easiest part of the equation, but it will require clear directives and a change in law enforcement culture. But making a clear effort to end cannabis enforcement is necessary; and the easiest way to accomplish this is to advance global cannabis market and bring the entire industry into a legitimate and up front business landscape. As long as black markets exist for weed anywhere, there will be the temptation for people to commit violations to try and get ahead. Remove the violations and let the free market figure out who can and who cannot compete in the market. Stop making criminals of people for weed and there will be no weed criminals.
  3. Let people that are in jail for weed (and other petty drug crimes) out immediately. So this is likely the hardest part, as there is certain to be blow-back from law enforcement, prison lobbies, drug addiction groups, and those who believe that releasing people from jail is a bad idea in general. But fear not! Reality is on your side. When you explain that we only have 5% of the world population but have 25% of the world prison population people can see clearly that something is wrong. We can not let those sucking from the nipple of prohibition continue to sucker us into doubling down on bad policies and locking up more and more of our friends and neighbors. We must begin to reign in the incredible bullshit that has become the prison industrial complex, and stop militarizing our local police forces and training them to believe everyone is a criminal because they like weed or do drugs. It is no longer an tenable position. The groundwork has been laid by recent sentencing reform policy statements, but now is the time for action. People in jail for weed need to go home. If there are other circumstances beyond growing, selling, or using weed then we can look those over on a case-by-case basis; but let our brothers and sisters go. The war is over. Release the POWs immediately.
  4. Pardon people who were imprisoned for weed and expunge their charges from all records. Many great people have fallen victim to the evils of your false prohibition and were charged as criminals for their involvement with weed. These people are actually real heroes who have carried the cause (and the genetics) through the dark days of prohibition. We must issue pardons and make sure they are no longer considered criminals in our society. It costs us nothing to do, but can change the world for folks who have been discriminated against for their criminal convictions. We must make this right and allow these folks their rightful freedom from past “crimes.”
  5. End the propaganda. For decades the US Government has willfully mislead their own people into thinking weed was dangerous and would make them grow hair in weird places. Part of admitting you are wrong is also to stop being wrong. So you must retract every bullshit statement and report that is based on unfounded research and lies from all US Government websites and communications. You must issue statements that support the truth where cannabis is concerned and end the hysteria you have created through public messaging. We are not saying to promote cannabis use. Just to tell the truth. That “cannabis, while not for everyone, is a relatively safe substance when used responsibly, and that it has several valid medical benefits.” Begin to have an honest dialogue about cannabis. It is necessary to ensure this travesty does not ever happen again.

Those are five very basic starting points to ending this thing once and for all. It is difficult to admit we were wrong for many decades, and that we have mistakenly ruined millions of people’s lives in the process. But it is also part of the healing process and something we must do if we want to make things better for future generations.

People can learn to forgive and can eventually forget some of the wrongs that these policies have done to our society. Make no doubt, the people who have willingly participated in the implementation of a drug war that has imprisoned unfairly poor and minority people at alarming rates are WAR CRIMINALS. There will be no tribunals. People will not go to jail for their involvement. But those who conspired to imprison so many good people for petty drug crimes need to knock it off now before it becomes any more difficult to forget.

People who like weed are good people. You have lost the war on cannabis, and by default the war on drugs. We are a caring and understanding group for the most part. We can get past this. But the time to end it and restore order to our world IS NOW. Not five years from now, or after the next election. NOW!

Kindest Regards,

MIckey Martin- Weed Activist #23,709


My response to Nancy Redd of Huffington Post Live


Today Huffington Post Live allowed Cheryl Shuman to come on their broadcast and blatantly lie about myself, my family, and an organization I am helping to develop. It was a sad and low point in cannabis history. Below is the response I sent to the show’s host, Nancy Redd.

Hello Nancy,

I was saddened to watch your broadcast today and your interview with Cheryl Shuman in which she disparaged me and slandered my family on your segment. I was amazed that she was allowed to go on and on telling one bold lie after another with no attempt to question the validity of her statements.
I am a well-respected activist and author of the book Medical Marijuana 101. I also maintain a blog about the industry at We recently exposed Cheryl’s and Moms 4 Marijuana’s somewhat nefarious activities in some pieces you can see here:
Her bizarre allegations of me having parties for young girls and meth is slander at best and an obvious retaliations for what are real fraudulent activities being put forth by Ms. Shuman.
Here is an article on our sentencing so you can have more background on our case:
I would be happy to come on your show and set the record straight, but more so, my family and I deserve an apology.
Parent 4 Pot also deserves an apology as you allowed for this ethically questionable woman to destroy our fledgling efforts on your media platform without even contacting us that you were discussing the organization on air. It is shameful what you have allowed to happen here to myself and the many other good parents who are organizing because group’s like Cheryl’s have exploited them for personal fame and fortune for too long.
Here is a piece on Cheryl defrauding the family of a child with cancer:
She even has her very own encyclopedia dramatica page that tell of her fame crazed past:
I am a good person, a successful business operator and a father of two young sons. You just allowed a woman to go on your show and tell the world I went to prison for throwing meth parties for teenage girls. I can not explain how disappointed I am. I will be pursuing all legal recourse against Ms. Shuman and your show for damages this causes.
Please contact me at your convenience to discuss this matter further. I can be reached directly at ________. that is my cell. I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Mickey Martin
Feel free to send her a response of your own at: or on Twitter @nancyredd; and let her know that it is not okay to use her platform to allow people to publicly slander others without allowing those people to be present to defend themselves.
I am severely disappointed in Ms. Redd, Huffington Post, and of course I expect nothing less than the lowest from Cheryl Shuman after learning about her antics in depth.
I was glad to see that Russ Belville had the courage to stand up and call bullshit on Cheryl for what she said today about me.
I thought wrong.  The first question from HuffPostLive had to do with the story they ran on Martin’s Parents 4 Pot and the first words out of Cheryl’s mouth were all about disparaging him and his organization, including unfounded allegations of running ephebophilic pot parties (that’s the word for sexual attraction to pubescent but underaged girls).  Most of the segment devolved into Cheryl doing everything she could to slam Parents 4 Pot.
Cheryl was grossly out of line in that interview and made me feel ashamed for her.  For her to sink to the internet troll lowest common denominator was unworthy of our mission and message… that’s right, OUR mission and message.  The great unwashed masses out there don’t distinguish between all these groups; we’re just the “pot legalizers”.  And every blog, Facebook, and interview where we spew invective and hurl accusations at our groups and our leaders just shows the mainstream how kooky, juvenile, unprofessional, paranoid, and hateful the “pot legalizers” are.  It would have been very easy to just answer the Parents 4 Pot question with, “I’m happy other groups agree that cannabis using parents are good, responsible parents.  I’m actually a part of Moms for Marijuana, which blah blah blah…”  Then we’d have spent the next five minutes learning about the issue of parents and legalization rather than listen to how awful the leader of this other group that supports legalization is.
I do not always agree with Russ, nor he with I; but in this case he is spot on and I can also take a look at my input into the conversation for ways I can be more productive in my approach.

The Real Housewives of Marijuana…Another Failing Cheryl Shuman Joint


Moms for Marijuana International got a taste of the Cheryl Shuman treatment this week, as the organization all but collapsed on itself after a mass exodus by many members of the Executive Board and Chapter Leaders nationwide. The organization began to unravel when members of the Board inquired about the financial records and non-profit filing for M4M. What they discovered was that the organization was not filed as a non-profit organization legally and that there was no accounting for the group’s funding.

Suspicions of unethical behavior led to further inquiry resulting in the Director Serra Frank’s (aka Jennifer Bennett) mysterious absence from all channels of communication. A story on entitled, “Is Moms For Marijuana Imploding? Board Dissolved; Major Resignations” started a difficult conversation by shedding light on the situation about multiple departures from prominent Board members of the organization. Questions were raised and not a lot of good answers were given.

The result was the release of the following public statement by Moms 4 Marijuana Board members and Chapter Leaders who stepped down:

Public Statement November 15, 2013

How do you begin a public statement that will bring shame to the efforts of a worldwide community working to end prohibition? You begin.

We are some of the recently resigned Board of Directors (BOD) of Moms for Marijuana International (MFMI) and Chapter Leaders.

  • Candace Junkin Assistant Executive Director- Chapter Leader of Maryland
  • Cheri Shaw Executive Director of Chapters- Chapter Leader of Ontario & Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo
  • Dana M. Arvidson Executive Director of Encouragement & Inspiration- Chapter Leader of Tennessee
  • Deanna Jean Assistant Director of Encouragement & Inspiration- Chapter Leader of Minnesota
  • Diane-Marie Jensen Executive Director of Administration –  Chapter Leader of Canada, British Columbia & Kelowna
  • Lindsey Reinhart Director of CPS Committee- Chapter Leader of Ohio
  • Sarah Via Executive Director of Communications- Chapter Leader of New York & Western New York
  • Tracy Ansley Executive Director of Education & Research- Chapter Leader of Dallas, Texas
  • Sarah Caldwel former Executive Director of Finance- Chapter Leader of Boise, Idaho
  • Bettie Retro former Assistant Executive Director- Chapter Leader of United States, Portland, Oregon, International Administration, Twitter & Instagram
  • Erin Purchase Witness

The conditions for our resignations are due to the following concerns and intolerance’s with the Founder and Executive Director Serra Frank (SF) aka Jennifer Bennett and Cheryl Shuman (CS) Public Relations Director. We the undersigned have witness and expressed concern about the following:

* Most of us were not aware the founder of this organization was under an alias.

* On several occasions over the span of months a financial report was requested by Diane-Marie Jensen (DMJ) who was voted in on ____. In an effort to create the necessary level of professional organization for any legitimate non-profit 501c3 organization, Diane-Marie was met with passive neglect and conflict to produce the financial records. Upon public questioning a complete financial statement was promised* by Serra Frank to the Board of Directors as well as the Chapter Leaders group pages as well as with others in public and private communication by Friday November 15th. We can prove that we asked for the financials and other pertinent documentation for months since April of this year.

* We can prove that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett violated the code of conduct to dismissed Diane Marie Jensen when she finally DEMANDED the documentation. After dismissing Diane Marie Jensen, Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett, systematically began deleting the EBOD from groups and pages.

* It was discovered the status of MFMI as a 501c3 has lapsed while encouraging Chapter Leaders to post on financial efforts and continuing to receive funds. We were unaware of this lapse until it was discovered by DMJ after investigating the legitimacies of this organization.

*Sarah Caldwel (SC) disclosed in private communication among this for mentioned group concerning comments by Serra Frank making statements to the effect of “I will do with the money as I see fit.” SC has witnessed and is aware of several transactions for rent as well as witness to the purchase of other transactions that have no relation to money that should have been spent pursuant to the Bylaws. SC confronted SF on several occasions to the concerns of what could be considered the mis-spending of finances. These concerns caused her resignation.

* SF spent finances without the vote of the BOD on an unknowing amount of occasions. All transactions are to be voted on.

* Without transparency on SF’s part we are unsure how many WePay and other accounts there are. We are unsure how much money has been spent or received.

* We can prove that the disbursement of ALL funds on said expiration went directly to Serra Frank/ Jennifer Anne Bennett.

* We can prove that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett, did not follow Federal directives. Considering that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett has been studying law for several years, she had to be fully aware that she was not following Federal directives and that her actions have been unethical.

* SF has insisted continuous postings to specifically benefit her fight for her boyfriend’s daughter. We were shocked to see pictures of toys purchased with the promotion they were struggling financially and we are concerned money raised for legal support was used with the history and progress of financial events.

* Bettie Retro (BR) (who expressed her alternative name with honesty from the beginning) was part of the original Board of Directors. After issues of not being able to retain reports or other meaningful documents, irrational conflict in communications, and other issues outside the scope of what we are currently dealing with found it in her best interest to resign.

Concerning and unacceptable actions by Public Relations Director Cheryl Shuman.

* Cheryl Shuman (CS) has only recently joined Moms for Marijuana International. She was voted in as Public Relations Director in April 2013.

* Deanna Jean (DJ) had expressed concerns on several occasions about CS and was encouraged not to be concerned without meaningful communication and on later communications of concern encouraged to not believe rumors. DJ contacted and was contacted by others in the community to the reputation and history of CS including Erin Purchase on her experiences with CS. CS had offered to give a portion of profits to help Erin’s family after being invited to be part of a media coverage to discuss MMJ for children. CS took most of the air time to promote her products on Ricky Lake for a segment that was supposed to address children’s medical needs to a safer medicine. The money promised was to go to the efforts being raised for Brave Mykayla. $42 was received.

* The same situation occurred on several TV programs before and after CS’s involvement with MFMI. Taking time to self-promote above giving a loud message for compassion and humanity. People’s needs.

* CS had offered to spend whatever money necessary to cover any costs and legally change SF’s name as well as to restore the 501c3 status of MFMI, and fly 180+ Moms to LA for a weekend spa retreat, which could be viewed as a welcoming gesture, however we see this as a way to immorally cover wrongful actions and considered a misleading and dishonesty of intentions. Money can’t buy morals or integrity.

* Dana A. (DA) had expressed concerns about CS and was ignored.

* SF has encouraged sabotage by the former Board of Directors on respective pages after removing themselves making it impossible.

* SF & CS encourage we are haters and are lying over a delusional plight to say we are angry at herself and CS over being encouraged to have a vote on a new BOD after CS encouragements for a new BOD. This situation did not exist; and has further solidified a recognized pattern of actions against former members of the BOD.

It is with heavy hearts we have to make this public statement. We have spent the last week in all day and night private conversations going through emails, bylaws, reviewing documents, conversations and the history of events and have had a member of this group meet with an Attorney.

We are Moms who love our families and are in support of repealing prohibition laws. We are Moms who support truth and education and we have all worked very hard to encourage others to join the movement. Needless to say Moms are a critical part to helping end prohibition because we have too many families benefiting yet congress still isn’t listening. This movement has dramatically switched from the stereo-type “stoner” to something much more.

Every day more (people) are benefiting from MMJ including our children in legal and illegal States. Nothing should stop the momentum; especially these 2 women who have taken advantage of the now considered intentional lack of organization and trust of the members of the organization and the community.

We publicly ask for Serra Frank aka Jennifer Bennett and Cheryl Shuman’s immediate resignation from the organization and for this organization to be dissolved and recreated with the pages intact that will be developed under a different name with a different logo. We would agree to help redevelop this as a legitimate organization with transparency within the established frame work so we don’t lose traction of the momentum we’ve developed.

We have over 40,000 Moms worldwide with 182 worldwide chapters and we depend on each other, have cultivated relationships and effective networks working together, some for as many as the past 4 years. We should not make all these women around the world suffer the consequences of having to re-group elsewhere, or be disillusioned. They are working with responsible leaders in this community, to be further taken advantage of for self-promotion, self-profit, and popularity. CS has made threats in communications/conversations about using her resources to sue us for coming forward with our concerns to these events.

Truth is more important than threats and truth will defend itself.

We are willing to do whatever it takes with alacrity to ensure others are not taken advantage of and we will continue educating other Moms and all others in our communities no matter what may come. Together we shall rise above this. Together we will be stronger, and more effective. Together we shall change laws across our nation and indeed the world.

This has been a serious blow to many ladies who worked hard building Moms For Marijuana International. It is difficult to watch your work be torn apart and destroyed by unethical and irresponsible behavior. It is even worse when instead of attempting to find resolution by opening the books and figuring out where it all went wrong the Director decides to continue to ignore all communications and goes on a shopping spree with Cheryl Shuman!

That is right…you heard me correctly.

To be clear, Cheryl Shuman began to co-opt the organization in April 2013 when she realized that the organization and the “Moms who smoke weed” were gaining notoriety in public media circles. It is no surprise that around this same time, out of nowhere, she resurrected her scorned relationship with her “daughter” Aimee and began promoting her “mother-daughter” relationship that was non-existent in her previous attempts at gaining fame from the cannabis issue. All of the sudden she was THE mom for marijuana and has made her rounds on the media circuit promoting her role as a “mother” with a daughter who wanted nothing to do with her most of her adult life. Oh…and did I mention that after a few short months in the spotlight and with using weed, Aimeee is now a cannabis expert for children!? How exciting. Isn’t Hollywood awesome?

But back to the lecture at hand. With the organization in disarray and a number of concerns about the direction they are headed under the direction of Ms. Shuman and Serra Farnk/Jennifer Bennett their brilliant solution is to make the embattled Director, Serra Frank, QUEEN FOR A DAY! Yes….you heard that right. Apparently if you run an organization into the ground there are prizes!


This was posted by Camp Shuman yesterday:

Cheryl Shuman shared Cheryl Shuman’s photo. about an hour ago


For those of you who are curious, Serra Frank, founder of Moms for Marijuana International was our choice for the Queen for Day prizes. let me tell you a bit about Serra. She started in 2005 as a disabled single young mom who used cannabis for her disabilities. With virtually zero budget and funding the organization out of her own pocket from her disability check she put in so much blood, sweat and tears organizing moms for all over the world to speak out for Cannabis. Her group of moms is one of the largest and most respected women’s activist groups in the world and has done so much for these women. Serra never asks for anything and even though she has struggled herself, she is the first person to help set up a fundraising account for other moms in need. For example, when I was on The View, I was originally going to take Serra with me, instead, she selflessly said no, let’s choose another mom who needs the exposure more, so we took Lindsey Rinehart on the show instead. Moms group also helped Lindsey raise close to $7500 for her legal fees when CPS took her children away from her even though she was a legal MMJ patient with Multiple Schlerosis.

Then when Jenny Kush was killed by a drunk driver, there was another account set up for her family to help with the funeral and college funds for her children. When I saw how hard this young woman works and how dedicated she is to helping others, it was an obvious choice that we needed to do something to honor Serra Frank and her work. On November 12th , 2013 the international day of awareness to save our families from Child Protective Services, Serra was unable to allow us to fly her in to LA for what was originally going to be a day of pampering in Beverly Hills, so we brainstormed to figure out what could we do to truly show her how much love, respect and admiration we have for her as an activist and just an all around amazing young woman.

Well, here’s what we did.

#1: Moms For Marijuana was behind on some corporate legal fees and paperwork, so instead of spa stuff, we paid for all of the legal fees to get the organization in to current status Problems solved.

#2: Serra had recently moved and was without internet, phone or TV service So, we arranged to have DISH Network, cable and phone service installed in their home this morning Problems solved.

#3: Serra did not have a working computer to keep caught up with internet work for other Moms So…. We decided to buy her a brand new computer. Great productivity gift to help Serra and alot of other moms by keeping them up to date with the latest news and awareness campaigns.

#4: Serra had always wanted to do video blogs to cover activism events but was unable to afford a camera So… we surprised her with getting her a brand new HD video camera so now she can document anything she wants and put it up online for Moms or family or whatever she wants.

I’m very happy that Aimee and I were able to help Serra and pay her the respect that she and so many other amazing moms deserve. I am determined though to get Serra to LA and get her to a spa, new hairdo, if she wants, new clothes, mani-pedi etc. I don’t know about you, but it always makes me feel like a happier person.

There were so many amazing women who reached out. I will definitely be doing this again and hope that we can make another announcement very soon. Meanwhile, I hope that you can congratulate Serra and click the “LIKE” button on the page I hope that you will congratulate Serra and wish all of our great moms the best in this upcoming year

Much love to all of you.

– Cheryl Shuman — with Cheryl Shuman and Serra Frank.

This is what folks in the PR business call “SPIN.” They try to take a situation that is damning and unethical and spin it into some sort of success story. It is bullshit. Do not fall for it. It is actually “SCRAMBLING” in every sense of the word, as these women try to find a path out of the destruction caused by their deceptive practices.

Instead of releasing the funding reports for the organization they create a distraction that makes it seems like poor little Serra Frank is struggling, and that Cheryl and Aimee have come to the rescue of the damsel in distress. Their assertion that Serra Bennett, or Jennifer Frank, or whatever her name really is, has fallen victim to being underprivileged and all of these issues were caused by her not having a nice computer and a video blog is LUDICROUS. It is insulting. It is really very pathetic and these broads should be ashamed.

So now the decision has been made to turn over the organization to the total control of Cheryl Shuman, as she has refiled the organization in Nevada with her attorneys and management team. They have chosen to disregard the concerns of the many women who stepped down; and to elect an entire new Board of Directors under the direction of Cheryl Shuman with bylaws developed by Shuman’s legal staff.


This message was sent out by Team Shuman confirming the taking over of the organization and co-opting of their mission:

Moms have grown enormously this year especially with all of the media we’ve been a part of. Several changes are coming up. For example. I’m attaching new bylaws where Moms will for the very first time have a true corporate structure so we can continue to grow the right way in compliance with state rules. Please take a moment to review these bylaws for our group. This is the first draft. We are also going to be electing a new board of directors for the organization. Anyone that would like to nominate themselves for a position is more than welcome to do so. If you would like to step up to the plate and volunteer for our social media committee or advisory boards that would be great also. The first draft of bylaws is used by other non-profits in the cannabis sector. If you have any suggestions, we are always interested in hearing from you. We are also working on a new website for Moms. Serra is working on getting all of the past financials up to date and I’m very proud to tell you that this year Moms raised money to help women like Lindsey Rinehart pay for her legal bills and for activist Jenny Kush’s tragic funeral when she was killed by a drunk driver. It is my hope that in the future we can help more moms all around the world. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards, Cheryl Shuman

So get that…..Not a mention of the old Board of Directors or the concerns raised about the previous financial activity of the organization. Just a clear power move to take control of the organization; and to likely destroy it as she has every other project she has ever worked on, as I previously wrote about in my piece entitled “Cheryl Shuman is Full of Shit.” It is only a matter of time before she completely destroys whatever remains of this organization’s good name. It is what she does.

I received this strange message via Facebook yesterday from one of their apparently faithful followers, Gina Epps:

Not cool the bs you are spreading about Moms For MJ. Try learning about the situation before you go running your ignorant mouth. You’re listening to women scorned, consider your source. THANK YOU CHERYL SHUMAN AND THE REAL MOMS 4 MJ. ONE LOVE.

I have considered my sources for a long time. I have been in this movement watching the circus go by for many moons. I like to think I am a fairly good judge of character. I trust my intuition…but more so, I know Cheryl Suman and her bullshit antics. The woman is like a festering boil on the face of cannabis reform. Anyone aligned with her is either really stupid, or they are in on it. Either way, I do not feel sorry for them in the least.

But the way she ended the message rang a bell for me….” THANK YOU CHERYL SHUMAN AND THE REAL MOMS 4 MJ.”

It was not the REAL MOMS 4 MJ, but yet a ploy to make it THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MARIJUANA. Cheryl Shuman has been wandering around this movement for the last few years bragging about her “upcoming reality show” that has NEVER materialized. It is always Showtime or Discovery or some other big name channel who she “has a deal in the works” with to make her show; and there is certainly no doubting that she has pitched any number of Cheryl Shuman reality shows to Hollywood producers. But amazingly, not one to date has taken her up on her offer to do a show for free starring her. She continues to get rejected and denied, which is where her NEED for Moms 4 Marijuana stems from.

Shuman is simply casting for her next big pitch and she knows it has to be more than just her because, frankly, people think she is super plastic and gross. But if she can co-opt the lives of some real women in the struggle and use their stories to promote herself and her interests then she might actually get some recognition for once. She is obsessed with getting a reality show and it is so obvious that this is her latest effort to make it happen. People love the shock value of moms smoking weed, and Cheryl is here to capitalize off that value.

Do not get it twisted…Shuman cares about Shuman and nothing else. She does not care about weed. She does not care about children and families. She cares about Cheryl and making Cheryl famous. She will use her newly purchased position in this organization to further promote Cheryl and shit Cheryl is selling this week.

I have been contacted by many of the good women who have been caught up in this mess, and sometimes asked for my advice.



My thought is to develop a new organization that focuses on the real issues facing parents and children regarding pot in our society. I have began the development of a group called Parents 4 Pot that I hope to slowly develop over time to be a positive voice for change in the community. I believe there is a powerful message to be shared from parents who use cannabis, and parents of adult children who use cannabis who have been afflicted by this insane prohibition. I hope Parents 4 Pot can serve as a vehicle to propel that voice.

Parents 4 Pot acknowledges both the mothers and fathers who struggle daily with their role as a parent and their choice to use cannabis. We use the word “pot” because it is a common use phrase in the daily walk of most people. It is purposefully informal because we really have nothing to hide or fear. Cannabis is safe, enjoyable, and helpful and parents who smoke pot are good people.

#Parents4Pot will be working on Board development between now and the end of the year. We welcome mothers who may be looking for an alternative to Moms for Marijuana after the new direction and tarnishing of that brand. We also welcome fathers who face the same challenges in their role as a parent. For more information, to be a part of the group, or to nominate potential great Board members please visit our Facebook page at:

Stay tuned for more developments on this new and exciting group of like-minded parents and activists!

Why I am not better than you, but still believe you are better than you.


I am far from perfect. I learn new things every day about where I am lacking as an individual. Sometimes it is disheartening and frustrating. Understanding our own flaws can be an overwhelming experience.

But this is where we learn and grow as humans. By exploring our own shortcomings and the issues we all face we can become more knowledgeable about one another and the world. If we wander our path to the chorus of our “yes men” we never truly hear where we are lacking and where we can expand our growth potential.

Some question me about my criticisms of others. I can appreciate people’s opinion that my criticisms often cast a negative tone, and can be a difficult conversation for many to have. Conflict is difficult. It is choosing to take a stand and voice our opinion on matters that are important and pressing. Often it is easier for people to not have the difficult conversation, and let others bad behaviors go unchecked in the name of “unity.”

It is human nature to not want to rock the boat. Rocking the boat means some rough waters ahead, and a lot of times people are happy with a boat going nowhere as long as it is not rocking too much. I do not subscribe to that theory. I believe that it is necessary to rock said boat every once in a while to keep it moving on this journey. Otherwise I have noticed the boat continues to go in circles with no chance of ever making it back to shore.

I have had activists question my integrity and ask, “What makes you think you are better than everyone else?”

Nothing. I know myself to well to ever believe that. I am one of the most flawed humans on the planet and I am extremely hard on myself. Far more than my silly written word blog criticisms of others. I wake up with me; and for better or worse, me and myself take on the challenges of the world. I am a gigantic shithead on a lot of days.

I am terrible at interpersonal communication. I allow myself to be distracted often, and have a difficult time being in the moment. My inability to turn my brain off and focus on what is right in front of me leads to social experiences that lack in many ways.  I literally have to remind myself to “stay in the moment and pay attention” because I know that one of my shortcomings is communication with folks in person. I work on this all the time. For some reason, I can do just fine in a formal setting like a Board meeting or public meeting. But in more casual settings I have a tendency to let my mind wander and can be very socially awkward.

I am intolerant and judgemental. It is not because I think I am perfect or such a great person; it is because I believe that people can be better than they are and that frustrates the shit out of me. I often see the potential in people and situations, and fail to imagine the challenges and difficulties they may be experiencing. I project my own desires and confidence in their ability to succeed, and sometimes I grow disappointed when they come up short. I also hold myself and others to fairly high standards, and forget that not everyone has the same objectives  and/or abilities as myself. I often reflect on my interactions and think, “Man…You are a real dick.”

I lack empathy sometimes. It is difficult for me to view the world’s through another person’s eyes, and try to understand what they are thinking and feeling so that I may better understand the reason they do the things they do. I expect people to have the same tough outer layer that I have, and often do not take into consideration a person’s personality or life experiences when dealing with them. This can often create hurt feelings and severe misunderstandings. It is difficult for me to imagine things outside of my bubble, and to understand and share in the feelings of others. This is a constant struggle for me.

I build walls to keep people out. One of my biggest problems is that I generally dislike A LOT of people. I have stood here on planet earth observing and deciphering human behavior for nearly 40 years now. Let’s just say I have not been entirely impressed. I have watched folks come and go, and have seen the best and the worst in people. Somewhere along the line my calculations have come up with that many people just suck. Not just in weed, but everywhere. Humans are a constant source of disappointment and pain. They can also bring joy and love; but too often the human experience is wrought with selfish and ugly behaviors. Call it nature or call it nurture; but regardless it is troubling; and it is very difficult for me to trust people and believe in them. Therefore I build walls around me by being unapproachable and distant. I reserve my affection for very few and many times I probably miss out on some great people because of my awesome fortress of intolerance.

I am kinda ugly and pretty chubby. I always have some fucked up look on my face. I dress like shit. Sometimes I smell. I make off color remarks. I laugh at people too much. I am insensitive. I focus way too much on my work and not enough on my family and friends. I suck at prioritizing. I am disorganized. I am overconfident on occasion that results in loss. Hair grows out of my ears and nose. I am a terrible listener. I do not work well with others. I am a know-it-all. I am an asshole.

I have a lot of issues. We all do.

I do not think I am better than anyone. In fact, I am pretty sure I come up short in many areas in comparison to others. I am okay with that and will continue to work on making myself a better person.

But I also think YOU are better than YOU. I will be critical when necessary and will work harder to be supportive. I will continue to call bullshit on people and things that I feel interfere with the greater good. I do not fear having the difficult conversation or letting folks know I am displeased with their conduct. I welcome the same.

It is not about me vs. you. It is about US vs. THEM. And if folks decide to allow their personalities or desire for attention interfere with the message and mission, I will have something to say about it. I hope that I can start the conversations and helps others to grow as individuals and as part of the community.

You are better than you, and you should never stop working on being better. I know you are better than me; but the question is can you learn to be better than you? I believe you can.

Succeeding in spite of the dumb shit


It is silly season for cannabis prohibition. As the writing on the wall becomes more legible, and the end of cannabis prohibition becomes more imminent, we see a strange evolution in the posturing of many folks in the industry/movement. Because people see a light at the end of the tunnel, they have begun circling the wagons and aligning themselves for the next big thing. A lot of the collective consciousness that “we are all in this fight together” is disappearing, and being replaced with “every man for themselves” and “I am gonna gets mines” philosophies.

It is hard to figure out where activism ends and the sales pitch begins these days. So many people are “positioning” themselves for this new legal market that there is very little thought about how their actions and words affect this final push for cannabis freedom. Everyone wants to be a weed superstar, but most have simply not done the work. People are coming out of the woodwork to stake their claim as some “expert” in an industry, when really they were just selling shitty home loans before the market crashed, and needed a new revenue stream to sell their bullshit lies.

There is a lot of talk about “needing to work together” and “unity.” Do not fall for this line of thinking. 90% of the people who surround you in this movement would throw you under the nearest bus in a heartbeat to get ahead. The evolution from social movement to big business shenanigans is happening, whether you like it or not. It would serve you well to open your eyes and understand that the game has changed.

You are swimming in the shark tank and your good heart and caring nature will get eaten alive if you do not watch your back. No one gives a shit about your morals and principles if it is standing in the way of their stock scam. People could care less about what a good person you are if they can figure out how to make a buck off you, or destroy you to make room for their sales pitch. The kumbaya moment is over. Sorry…you missed it.  (It never really happened).

A lot of what we see now is people trying to get in on the next big thing and they are willing to bend truths and ignore morality to do that. They do not give a shit about you or cannabis….they care about money. They are here to gain market share and nothing else; and they could give a shit who gets trampled to get them that share.

But fear not…..the reality is that most of the assholes we see staking their claim in this moment in time will be nowhere to be seen in the long term market. They will either fail outright, or sell out at the first decent opportunity to come their way. There is no loyalty or dedication among this group. They will jump from one sucker’s opportunity to the next working to get their desired fortune. These are simply the first assholes up the hill so that they can catch all of the arrows. The big players are lying in wait for the dust to settle.

There are also still a lot of dedicated soldiers who love weed and are good people in the game. Not all is lost. But it will take some working together with good-natured people to compete with the large and unethical forces entering the market. There are plenty of talented folks and organizations that have done the hard work to get us to where we are. We can come together to organize effectively against these outside interests. We can defend the culture and honor the cannabis plant by learning to succeed in spite of the dumb shit.

There will be corruption and things are sure to get ugly. There is no avoiding that in an open and legal market, and it is not as if the black market has been completely ethical and upstanding. But there is a sense of common purpose among many who have lived the struggle and who have lost sleep over their work in this industry. The greatest thing about a market emerging from 40 years of being underground is that we still know how to operate in the underground if the legal market tries to fuck us. We hold the chips here. This is our game to lose. If the hucksters and charlatans take this industry from us it will be because we allowed them too.

There is an understanding throughout the industry about expected norms and unwritten rules. It is clear a lot of folks did not get the memo. But IF we make better choices, and help one another to succeed so we do not become beholden to these ethic-lacking interests, we can succeed and succeed big.

Cannabis prohibition is ending. Look around you. This thing is almost over and every asshole will surely jump in looking for their piece of the pie. Be a good judge of character. Understand that there will be money in this industry for talented and true people, and that it may be wiser to tough it out for the long haul than fall for the shiny trinkets being thrown around right now.

Be successful….but be successful in spite of the dumb shit; not because of it.