The Way of the Cannabis Warrior

In life, sometimes we come upon situations that bring out the warrior in all of us. This blog is dedicated to my warrior friends on the front lines of the war on cannabis. We are winning the battle and the wind is at our backs. While the battle is FAR FROM OVER, there is major progress being made.

This blog will follow the war closely and provide a dialogue for warriors of all sorts to engage one another on the next steps in the fight for cannabis freedom. There will be informative articles, personal opinions, and current happening that will all be open for discussion. This journey has consumed my life for over a decade and I have given my freedom and privacy to lead the charge and be a part of the solution.

This is a great time to be a cannabis warrior. Please join me in an ongoing discussion about the way of the cannabis warrior. Together we can continue to break down barriers and open the doors of intolerance. The prohibition of cannabis is still very much alive. People lose their freedoms, their livelihoods, their families, and their peace of mind simply because of their safe use of cannabis. This is no longer acceptable. The facts are in. Cannabis is safe and enjoyable. The war on cannabis has been a complete failure. It is time we, as a society, stand up and be accounted for.

I look forward to chronicling the beginning of the end of cannabis prohibition. Join me in my warrior stance and together we can ensure that the future looks much more kind and green.