Going for the Jugular

I smell blood in the water.

I cannot help but feeling we are very close to real cannabis reform in this country. I strongly believe that the house of cards of prohibition is set to fall. There is just too much of an overwhelming call for an end to the failed policies of locking people up for weed. There is an evolution happening in our communities where our fellow citizens are waking up to the fact that this shit is JUST NOT WORKING.

Our opposition continues its parade of lies and deception; but their bullshit begins to fall on deaf ears. People are beginning to see the man behind the curtain for what he is…a greedy bully willing to lock people up for decades for a safe and enjoyable plant. People are seeing that we now spend far more on imprisoning weedheads than we do on educating our kids or fixing our roads. There is not a sane person on this planet that thinks this stupid war on drugs is working; but the difference now is that more and more people are willing to stand up and say so. Our opposition is backpedalling and beginning to see the writing on the wall.

So now is the time for the KILL SHOT. Now is the time to go for the jugular and put these miserable prohibitionists out of their misery. Now is the time we need to build a cohesive machine that exposes these criminals and frauds for their war crimes against our own people. We do not need to dance around the subject any longer. It is right there, front and center. It is our job to take this increasing awareness and ensure that we get the message out there that what we do to people who smoke weed right now is downright evil.

This is an easy argument to make. We just have to commit to it.

It goes like this….

“Quit taking people to jail for weed. It is not working. We have 25% of the world’s prison population, but only have 5% of the actual population because we take mostly poor people to jail for weed every day. We are participating in a form of modern day slavery, where we employ armed gunmen to round up people for a safe, and very available plant and lock them in cages for sometimes decades performing labor for slave wages. Anyone who supports and participates in these activities condones these immoral actions, and should be treated no differently than those who bought and sold people to tend their plantations. Release the prisoners and end these evil policies NOW!”

Nobody likes to be viewed as supporting slavery. I know it seems harsh…but that is what it is. Plain and simple. We have allowed an out of control and privatized prison industrial complex to profit from taking people to jail for weed. It is no accident that weed and other drugs are more available than ever. How else could we lock so many people up for them.? It is a ruse and a con. We have been sold a bag of shit.

If we cannot make that message more loud and clear, then chances are we may miss our opportunity. Our community must come together and use what limited resources we have to take the kill shot. Keep hammering the message home. We are right. They are wrong. Weed is awesome.

If we can muster the juice to pull this thing off, weed will indeed be legal very soon. If we fumbledick around and continue to not say what we mean and try to convince everyone that the entire weedhead population is seriously ill, we should not be surprised if we see more decades of evil weed enforcement actions against our friends and family. I, personally, am sick of being worried about having my car searched, or my kids taken, or not being able to get a job, or going to prison for many years because I love weed so damn much.

Let that burn in your belly….and then do something about it.