Bhang Chocolate…The Original? Really? Come on, man?

SO I have bit my tongue for a minute on this one and meant to take it up with the ownership, but today is the day I have to ask, “What the fuck?” Bhang Chocolates makes a decent product, (although I question their dosage level accuracy. 60mg and 120 mg and 180 mg in that small bar? You are killing me, player. Have CW check their process because someone is bullshitting. ) but their up and coming organization should slow their roll on stating that they are “The Original” anything. Tainted was making chocolates many years before you post-memo heroes decided to show up on the scene and bless us with your presence, and even we would NEVER claim to be “The Original.” Cannabis and chocolate have been on planet earth for a very long time. THC laden chocolates have been a part of the human experience long before any of us showed up. Shit…this movement has been around for a minute and plenty of chocolatiers have been serving patients since the passage of 215. So I am publicly calling for you to remove this garbage from the packaging and have some respect. There is no ego (see post below) necessary to sell decent products and do well in the industry. You have a nice professional product so it is unclear what putting this bullshit statement across the top of your product is really meant to achieve (other than pissing me off). It is your call to make. I just think it lacks reality and respect.

Another word of advice: Be careful….I hear that shit can get you in trouble.

This is the owner and his hello to the market. Just another “everyone who came before me sucked” statement.