The Game Needs Me and I Need the Game


A couple of months ago I was not sure I would ever write this blog again. It has been a difficult journey for me lately and I was exhausted. My words did not seem to come as easily as they once had, and I was unsure about if what I wrote actually even mattered any more. I was frustrated, tired, and experiencing massive changes on all fronts in my life. I needed to take some time to gather my thoughts and reassess what it was I was doing here in the weed game any more.

While it was a nice break, it was also very difficult. For me, writing is an outlet where I can express my ideas and put down in words the many thoughts that run through my head constantly. This blog is a place where I write for me… not for any of you.  I dig that people enjoy my work and I can appreciate that my words can touch people. It is awesome to feel like you have helped educate so many by taking the time to share your inner-most thoughts and intimate details with the world. But it really is about me.

Weed Activist, and Cannabis Warrior before it, and Free Tainted before that have all been cathartic exercises in getting out a lot of the chaos in my own head, and putting it onto a page so that it can make sense. It helps me to examine and look more closely at the industry and movement I am so much a part of. The words I write give me guidance and help me to understand myself and my surroundings much more clearly.

So while it has been fun taking the time I spend here and focusing it in other directions, the reality is that the game needs me and I need the game.

I look forward to bringing new and interesting content back to the scene; and making people ask questions they never might have thought to ask. The truth is that there is A LOT happening in cannabis right now, and it is going to take A LOT of work to ensure that at the end of the day it is still just about a plant and some freedom.

There is no shortage of new and exciting developments to look at with a critical eye. From CBD only bullshit laws to new invasive regulatory models being supported by people we once trusted that will likely destroy everything we have built, I certainly have plenty to write about. It seems every day there is a new sellout and huckster to expose, or “next big thing” that is really just another fraud. There are also some great and very exciting things happening that deserve some love and attention.

So I am proud to say my retirement from the weed writing game was short and fruitful and that I am back with a vengeance. Not for you or anyone else, but solely for me… I do hope you will enjoy the show. It is about to get live up in this bitch.

Look for some extremely hard in the paint pieces in the coming months that will blow your mind and make you question reality. It is gonna be that kind of party… I have missed sitting down and letting the world know exactly what is on my mind.

I hope the snakes enjoyed my leave of absence because it is coming and there is not shit they can do about it. I invented the game.


STFU: Another weGrow FAIL! Moving is not a story!

I am not sure what to think about this story, although I should because it is the third fucking time I have had to read it. “The Wal-Mart of weed” is opening. Shut the fuck up already. First off- I told you the first time you opened your big dirt store that it was not a news story. Shame on the lame ass Sac Bee and CBS and anyone else who keeps running this BULLSHIT. You can invite your City Council friends over, lay out a cheese plate, and call every press outlet in the State, but at the end of the day you got a warehouse full of dirt and lights and that is not a story.

So about a year ago Dhar Mann and company did a press release that they were opening “iGrow” and it was to be God’s gift to the cannabis world. Well it wasn’t. And furthermore it wasn’t even a good option for Oakland, nor the medical cannabis industry. Dhar Mann, the young entrepreneur whose family owns every taxicab in Oakland, and the man behind the I/We Grow debacle failed to do any decent planning then and was sued over the name iGrow. Way to do your homework. After a great press release and a bunch of hype “iGrow” could not deliver the goods. Their lack of planning lacked the foresight to imagine the reaction of hydroponic equipment suppliers who have normal operating procedures that include not advertising their products as marijuana products. Hydro suppliers are international companies who stand to lose millions if their product is held up at customs or not able to be sold because it is associated with cannabis. All of the main distributors cut them off. But nobody could see that writing on the wall so in the first 6 months of operating “iGrow” was sued for their name and cut off by their major suppliers. Way to go on the strategic planning.

So then they decided to relaunch the project with another big press release complete with City Councilpersons, cheese plates, and hyperbole about how what was now dubbed “weGrow” would be a major player Nationwide as a franchise and also distributor of equipment (bought straight from China). Blah blah blah…….the organization was going to apply for a permit to operate one of the 4 Oakland MegaGrows, and is currently seeking a permit still. SO you got that…..2 press releases in one year about the Grand Opening of a Dirt Store. Zero success to show for it…..and now this.

So now…after Oakland has been closed because it FAILED the weGrowers launch yet  ANOTHER PRESS RELEASE because they are opening another Dirt Store- this time in Sacramento? Really? Third time the charm? Here is the kicker….the lead on the story is “Dirt Store opening in Sac” (same shit as before), but it should be “Wal-Mart of Weed FAILS in Oakland and moves to Sac to try and sucker a whole new group of people.” I would hope that the word is out WAY ahead of this one and the good patients in the Sac area are smart enough to see that this is just another smoke and mirrors bullshit story meant to grab a couple of headlines, but really it is just a big flashy warehouse store ran by some rookies who never grew a decent bud in their life. That is right, I said it……

I have discussed my former criticisms and BULLSHITTER of the Week Award with Dhar directly over email. He is not a horrible person. (UPDATE: Several former employees, associates, and people he owes money to would like people to k now that he actually IS a horrible person and they have a list of court cases, complaints and evidence to prove it.) He is just a media whore and a bad business person. He is a person who likes to blow the smoke up one’s ass before the actual work has been done or success has been had. It is one thing to make a bunch of lofty statements in the press and try to beat chest with the Silverbacks of the weed world in the media- it is another to do the work, create the satisfaction, and then have people admire your work because it is successful- not because you said a bunch of crazy shit about how it would be successful.

SO do us all a favor. The next time you want to open up a new future failed project, do us all a favor- put the phone list for the press down and put your time and energy into doing the work. Anything less is just crying wolf. People argued to give you credit the first time when I called BULLSHIT on your big ideas with zero substance. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. But I for one am sick of having stories about your Dirt Store and some weak ass quote that you regurgitated from Harborside’s Stevie-D about how you are doing something revolutionary in the paper. At least Stevie HAS done something and IS successful instead of just talking about it.

“I just thought it was a statement to have something close to the state Capitol,” said Dhar Mann, who founded the original iGrow in January 2010. “It’s a statement of how progressive the industry has become. We’re all about coming out of the shadows.”

Real fucking original…….geez. Are you gonna make some buttons and flyers with that quote on them?

SO in conclusion, BEEN THERE- DONE THAT- Got the T-Shirt and used it as a dust rag. No matter what you think “The Wal-Mart of Weed” is not a good headline, jackass- so keep it out of my paper. No one should patronize or give a moment’s notice to this THIRD PRESS RELEASE IN ONE YEAR about the opening of this same tired store. There are a lot of great Dirt Stores out there ran by hard working and knowledgeable people. Do not fall for the hype of this bullshit press release and lame story. It is a mirage and is sure to fail. I like 3rd Street Hydroponics in Oakland, but if you cannot make it to “The O,” there are really a large number of good retailers out there in Sacramento and all other areas that deserve your business. Let this guy fail and disappear into the night. Our movement did not need him or his money then and we still do not need it now. Thanks but no thanks, Dhar. We will not be doing that lunch after all. Sorry. I have had enough…..

Let me know when you decide to DO THE WORK…..

"This card will make law enforcement respect you…"

While I appreciate the effort, R. Brumfield spreads a bit of false hope in his rhetoric.

Richard claims this card makes him “bulletproof” and that he has been raided 7 times with no issues. While I would like to believe that all I needed was a another $150 card-like permission slip to grow “a mountain of marijuana,” as Richard claims, it is a bit disingenuous and a bit dangerous to go around telling people this. None the less, I thought it was some funny and interesting stuff for y’all to ponder upon…

Besides badmouthing Americans for Safe Access at every juncture and blaming people for getting raided because they are  not “bulletproof” like him, Brumfield claims to have “cured cancer.” His favorite activities are listed on FB as “saving lives.” Okay Jesus Complex, we get it. Thanks for the video on how to become bulletproof like you.

One has to wonder why a bulletproof person would remove several pictures that showed him on top of his mountain of cannabis from his FB profile right after the election? Hmmmmm……