The Real Housewives of Marijuana…Another Failing Cheryl Shuman Joint


Moms for Marijuana International got a taste of the Cheryl Shuman treatment this week, as the organization all but collapsed on itself after a mass exodus by many members of the Executive Board and Chapter Leaders nationwide. The organization began to unravel when members of the Board inquired about the financial records and non-profit filing for M4M. What they discovered was that the organization was not filed as a non-profit organization legally and that there was no accounting for the group’s funding.

Suspicions of unethical behavior led to further inquiry resulting in the Director Serra Frank’s (aka Jennifer Bennett) mysterious absence from all channels of communication. A story on entitled, “Is Moms For Marijuana Imploding? Board Dissolved; Major Resignations” started a difficult conversation by shedding light on the situation about multiple departures from prominent Board members of the organization. Questions were raised and not a lot of good answers were given.

The result was the release of the following public statement by Moms 4 Marijuana Board members and Chapter Leaders who stepped down:

Public Statement November 15, 2013

How do you begin a public statement that will bring shame to the efforts of a worldwide community working to end prohibition? You begin.

We are some of the recently resigned Board of Directors (BOD) of Moms for Marijuana International (MFMI) and Chapter Leaders.

  • Candace Junkin Assistant Executive Director- Chapter Leader of Maryland
  • Cheri Shaw Executive Director of Chapters- Chapter Leader of Ontario & Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo
  • Dana M. Arvidson Executive Director of Encouragement & Inspiration- Chapter Leader of Tennessee
  • Deanna Jean Assistant Director of Encouragement & Inspiration- Chapter Leader of Minnesota
  • Diane-Marie Jensen Executive Director of Administration –  Chapter Leader of Canada, British Columbia & Kelowna
  • Lindsey Reinhart Director of CPS Committee- Chapter Leader of Ohio
  • Sarah Via Executive Director of Communications- Chapter Leader of New York & Western New York
  • Tracy Ansley Executive Director of Education & Research- Chapter Leader of Dallas, Texas
  • Sarah Caldwel former Executive Director of Finance- Chapter Leader of Boise, Idaho
  • Bettie Retro former Assistant Executive Director- Chapter Leader of United States, Portland, Oregon, International Administration, Twitter & Instagram
  • Erin Purchase Witness

The conditions for our resignations are due to the following concerns and intolerance’s with the Founder and Executive Director Serra Frank (SF) aka Jennifer Bennett and Cheryl Shuman (CS) Public Relations Director. We the undersigned have witness and expressed concern about the following:

* Most of us were not aware the founder of this organization was under an alias.

* On several occasions over the span of months a financial report was requested by Diane-Marie Jensen (DMJ) who was voted in on ____. In an effort to create the necessary level of professional organization for any legitimate non-profit 501c3 organization, Diane-Marie was met with passive neglect and conflict to produce the financial records. Upon public questioning a complete financial statement was promised* by Serra Frank to the Board of Directors as well as the Chapter Leaders group pages as well as with others in public and private communication by Friday November 15th. We can prove that we asked for the financials and other pertinent documentation for months since April of this year.

* We can prove that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett violated the code of conduct to dismissed Diane Marie Jensen when she finally DEMANDED the documentation. After dismissing Diane Marie Jensen, Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett, systematically began deleting the EBOD from groups and pages.

* It was discovered the status of MFMI as a 501c3 has lapsed while encouraging Chapter Leaders to post on financial efforts and continuing to receive funds. We were unaware of this lapse until it was discovered by DMJ after investigating the legitimacies of this organization.

*Sarah Caldwel (SC) disclosed in private communication among this for mentioned group concerning comments by Serra Frank making statements to the effect of “I will do with the money as I see fit.” SC has witnessed and is aware of several transactions for rent as well as witness to the purchase of other transactions that have no relation to money that should have been spent pursuant to the Bylaws. SC confronted SF on several occasions to the concerns of what could be considered the mis-spending of finances. These concerns caused her resignation.

* SF spent finances without the vote of the BOD on an unknowing amount of occasions. All transactions are to be voted on.

* Without transparency on SF’s part we are unsure how many WePay and other accounts there are. We are unsure how much money has been spent or received.

* We can prove that the disbursement of ALL funds on said expiration went directly to Serra Frank/ Jennifer Anne Bennett.

* We can prove that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett, did not follow Federal directives. Considering that Serra Frank/Jennifer Anne Bennett has been studying law for several years, she had to be fully aware that she was not following Federal directives and that her actions have been unethical.

* SF has insisted continuous postings to specifically benefit her fight for her boyfriend’s daughter. We were shocked to see pictures of toys purchased with the promotion they were struggling financially and we are concerned money raised for legal support was used with the history and progress of financial events.

* Bettie Retro (BR) (who expressed her alternative name with honesty from the beginning) was part of the original Board of Directors. After issues of not being able to retain reports or other meaningful documents, irrational conflict in communications, and other issues outside the scope of what we are currently dealing with found it in her best interest to resign.

Concerning and unacceptable actions by Public Relations Director Cheryl Shuman.

* Cheryl Shuman (CS) has only recently joined Moms for Marijuana International. She was voted in as Public Relations Director in April 2013.

* Deanna Jean (DJ) had expressed concerns on several occasions about CS and was encouraged not to be concerned without meaningful communication and on later communications of concern encouraged to not believe rumors. DJ contacted and was contacted by others in the community to the reputation and history of CS including Erin Purchase on her experiences with CS. CS had offered to give a portion of profits to help Erin’s family after being invited to be part of a media coverage to discuss MMJ for children. CS took most of the air time to promote her products on Ricky Lake for a segment that was supposed to address children’s medical needs to a safer medicine. The money promised was to go to the efforts being raised for Brave Mykayla. $42 was received.

* The same situation occurred on several TV programs before and after CS’s involvement with MFMI. Taking time to self-promote above giving a loud message for compassion and humanity. People’s needs.

* CS had offered to spend whatever money necessary to cover any costs and legally change SF’s name as well as to restore the 501c3 status of MFMI, and fly 180+ Moms to LA for a weekend spa retreat, which could be viewed as a welcoming gesture, however we see this as a way to immorally cover wrongful actions and considered a misleading and dishonesty of intentions. Money can’t buy morals or integrity.

* Dana A. (DA) had expressed concerns about CS and was ignored.

* SF has encouraged sabotage by the former Board of Directors on respective pages after removing themselves making it impossible.

* SF & CS encourage we are haters and are lying over a delusional plight to say we are angry at herself and CS over being encouraged to have a vote on a new BOD after CS encouragements for a new BOD. This situation did not exist; and has further solidified a recognized pattern of actions against former members of the BOD.

It is with heavy hearts we have to make this public statement. We have spent the last week in all day and night private conversations going through emails, bylaws, reviewing documents, conversations and the history of events and have had a member of this group meet with an Attorney.

We are Moms who love our families and are in support of repealing prohibition laws. We are Moms who support truth and education and we have all worked very hard to encourage others to join the movement. Needless to say Moms are a critical part to helping end prohibition because we have too many families benefiting yet congress still isn’t listening. This movement has dramatically switched from the stereo-type “stoner” to something much more.

Every day more (people) are benefiting from MMJ including our children in legal and illegal States. Nothing should stop the momentum; especially these 2 women who have taken advantage of the now considered intentional lack of organization and trust of the members of the organization and the community.

We publicly ask for Serra Frank aka Jennifer Bennett and Cheryl Shuman’s immediate resignation from the organization and for this organization to be dissolved and recreated with the pages intact that will be developed under a different name with a different logo. We would agree to help redevelop this as a legitimate organization with transparency within the established frame work so we don’t lose traction of the momentum we’ve developed.

We have over 40,000 Moms worldwide with 182 worldwide chapters and we depend on each other, have cultivated relationships and effective networks working together, some for as many as the past 4 years. We should not make all these women around the world suffer the consequences of having to re-group elsewhere, or be disillusioned. They are working with responsible leaders in this community, to be further taken advantage of for self-promotion, self-profit, and popularity. CS has made threats in communications/conversations about using her resources to sue us for coming forward with our concerns to these events.

Truth is more important than threats and truth will defend itself.

We are willing to do whatever it takes with alacrity to ensure others are not taken advantage of and we will continue educating other Moms and all others in our communities no matter what may come. Together we shall rise above this. Together we will be stronger, and more effective. Together we shall change laws across our nation and indeed the world.

This has been a serious blow to many ladies who worked hard building Moms For Marijuana International. It is difficult to watch your work be torn apart and destroyed by unethical and irresponsible behavior. It is even worse when instead of attempting to find resolution by opening the books and figuring out where it all went wrong the Director decides to continue to ignore all communications and goes on a shopping spree with Cheryl Shuman!

That is right…you heard me correctly.

To be clear, Cheryl Shuman began to co-opt the organization in April 2013 when she realized that the organization and the “Moms who smoke weed” were gaining notoriety in public media circles. It is no surprise that around this same time, out of nowhere, she resurrected her scorned relationship with her “daughter” Aimee and began promoting her “mother-daughter” relationship that was non-existent in her previous attempts at gaining fame from the cannabis issue. All of the sudden she was THE mom for marijuana and has made her rounds on the media circuit promoting her role as a “mother” with a daughter who wanted nothing to do with her most of her adult life. Oh…and did I mention that after a few short months in the spotlight and with using weed, Aimeee is now a cannabis expert for children!? How exciting. Isn’t Hollywood awesome?

But back to the lecture at hand. With the organization in disarray and a number of concerns about the direction they are headed under the direction of Ms. Shuman and Serra Farnk/Jennifer Bennett their brilliant solution is to make the embattled Director, Serra Frank, QUEEN FOR A DAY! Yes….you heard that right. Apparently if you run an organization into the ground there are prizes!


This was posted by Camp Shuman yesterday:

Cheryl Shuman shared Cheryl Shuman’s photo. about an hour ago


For those of you who are curious, Serra Frank, founder of Moms for Marijuana International was our choice for the Queen for Day prizes. let me tell you a bit about Serra. She started in 2005 as a disabled single young mom who used cannabis for her disabilities. With virtually zero budget and funding the organization out of her own pocket from her disability check she put in so much blood, sweat and tears organizing moms for all over the world to speak out for Cannabis. Her group of moms is one of the largest and most respected women’s activist groups in the world and has done so much for these women. Serra never asks for anything and even though she has struggled herself, she is the first person to help set up a fundraising account for other moms in need. For example, when I was on The View, I was originally going to take Serra with me, instead, she selflessly said no, let’s choose another mom who needs the exposure more, so we took Lindsey Rinehart on the show instead. Moms group also helped Lindsey raise close to $7500 for her legal fees when CPS took her children away from her even though she was a legal MMJ patient with Multiple Schlerosis.

Then when Jenny Kush was killed by a drunk driver, there was another account set up for her family to help with the funeral and college funds for her children. When I saw how hard this young woman works and how dedicated she is to helping others, it was an obvious choice that we needed to do something to honor Serra Frank and her work. On November 12th , 2013 the international day of awareness to save our families from Child Protective Services, Serra was unable to allow us to fly her in to LA for what was originally going to be a day of pampering in Beverly Hills, so we brainstormed to figure out what could we do to truly show her how much love, respect and admiration we have for her as an activist and just an all around amazing young woman.

Well, here’s what we did.

#1: Moms For Marijuana was behind on some corporate legal fees and paperwork, so instead of spa stuff, we paid for all of the legal fees to get the organization in to current status Problems solved.

#2: Serra had recently moved and was without internet, phone or TV service So, we arranged to have DISH Network, cable and phone service installed in their home this morning Problems solved.

#3: Serra did not have a working computer to keep caught up with internet work for other Moms So…. We decided to buy her a brand new computer. Great productivity gift to help Serra and alot of other moms by keeping them up to date with the latest news and awareness campaigns.

#4: Serra had always wanted to do video blogs to cover activism events but was unable to afford a camera So… we surprised her with getting her a brand new HD video camera so now she can document anything she wants and put it up online for Moms or family or whatever she wants.

I’m very happy that Aimee and I were able to help Serra and pay her the respect that she and so many other amazing moms deserve. I am determined though to get Serra to LA and get her to a spa, new hairdo, if she wants, new clothes, mani-pedi etc. I don’t know about you, but it always makes me feel like a happier person.

There were so many amazing women who reached out. I will definitely be doing this again and hope that we can make another announcement very soon. Meanwhile, I hope that you can congratulate Serra and click the “LIKE” button on the page I hope that you will congratulate Serra and wish all of our great moms the best in this upcoming year

Much love to all of you.

– Cheryl Shuman — with Cheryl Shuman and Serra Frank.

This is what folks in the PR business call “SPIN.” They try to take a situation that is damning and unethical and spin it into some sort of success story. It is bullshit. Do not fall for it. It is actually “SCRAMBLING” in every sense of the word, as these women try to find a path out of the destruction caused by their deceptive practices.

Instead of releasing the funding reports for the organization they create a distraction that makes it seems like poor little Serra Frank is struggling, and that Cheryl and Aimee have come to the rescue of the damsel in distress. Their assertion that Serra Bennett, or Jennifer Frank, or whatever her name really is, has fallen victim to being underprivileged and all of these issues were caused by her not having a nice computer and a video blog is LUDICROUS. It is insulting. It is really very pathetic and these broads should be ashamed.

So now the decision has been made to turn over the organization to the total control of Cheryl Shuman, as she has refiled the organization in Nevada with her attorneys and management team. They have chosen to disregard the concerns of the many women who stepped down; and to elect an entire new Board of Directors under the direction of Cheryl Shuman with bylaws developed by Shuman’s legal staff.


This message was sent out by Team Shuman confirming the taking over of the organization and co-opting of their mission:

Moms have grown enormously this year especially with all of the media we’ve been a part of. Several changes are coming up. For example. I’m attaching new bylaws where Moms will for the very first time have a true corporate structure so we can continue to grow the right way in compliance with state rules. Please take a moment to review these bylaws for our group. This is the first draft. We are also going to be electing a new board of directors for the organization. Anyone that would like to nominate themselves for a position is more than welcome to do so. If you would like to step up to the plate and volunteer for our social media committee or advisory boards that would be great also. The first draft of bylaws is used by other non-profits in the cannabis sector. If you have any suggestions, we are always interested in hearing from you. We are also working on a new website for Moms. Serra is working on getting all of the past financials up to date and I’m very proud to tell you that this year Moms raised money to help women like Lindsey Rinehart pay for her legal bills and for activist Jenny Kush’s tragic funeral when she was killed by a drunk driver. It is my hope that in the future we can help more moms all around the world. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards, Cheryl Shuman

So get that…..Not a mention of the old Board of Directors or the concerns raised about the previous financial activity of the organization. Just a clear power move to take control of the organization; and to likely destroy it as she has every other project she has ever worked on, as I previously wrote about in my piece entitled “Cheryl Shuman is Full of Shit.” It is only a matter of time before she completely destroys whatever remains of this organization’s good name. It is what she does.

I received this strange message via Facebook yesterday from one of their apparently faithful followers, Gina Epps:

Not cool the bs you are spreading about Moms For MJ. Try learning about the situation before you go running your ignorant mouth. You’re listening to women scorned, consider your source. THANK YOU CHERYL SHUMAN AND THE REAL MOMS 4 MJ. ONE LOVE.

I have considered my sources for a long time. I have been in this movement watching the circus go by for many moons. I like to think I am a fairly good judge of character. I trust my intuition…but more so, I know Cheryl Suman and her bullshit antics. The woman is like a festering boil on the face of cannabis reform. Anyone aligned with her is either really stupid, or they are in on it. Either way, I do not feel sorry for them in the least.

But the way she ended the message rang a bell for me….” THANK YOU CHERYL SHUMAN AND THE REAL MOMS 4 MJ.”

It was not the REAL MOMS 4 MJ, but yet a ploy to make it THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MARIJUANA. Cheryl Shuman has been wandering around this movement for the last few years bragging about her “upcoming reality show” that has NEVER materialized. It is always Showtime or Discovery or some other big name channel who she “has a deal in the works” with to make her show; and there is certainly no doubting that she has pitched any number of Cheryl Shuman reality shows to Hollywood producers. But amazingly, not one to date has taken her up on her offer to do a show for free starring her. She continues to get rejected and denied, which is where her NEED for Moms 4 Marijuana stems from.

Shuman is simply casting for her next big pitch and she knows it has to be more than just her because, frankly, people think she is super plastic and gross. But if she can co-opt the lives of some real women in the struggle and use their stories to promote herself and her interests then she might actually get some recognition for once. She is obsessed with getting a reality show and it is so obvious that this is her latest effort to make it happen. People love the shock value of moms smoking weed, and Cheryl is here to capitalize off that value.

Do not get it twisted…Shuman cares about Shuman and nothing else. She does not care about weed. She does not care about children and families. She cares about Cheryl and making Cheryl famous. She will use her newly purchased position in this organization to further promote Cheryl and shit Cheryl is selling this week.

I have been contacted by many of the good women who have been caught up in this mess, and sometimes asked for my advice.



My thought is to develop a new organization that focuses on the real issues facing parents and children regarding pot in our society. I have began the development of a group called Parents 4 Pot that I hope to slowly develop over time to be a positive voice for change in the community. I believe there is a powerful message to be shared from parents who use cannabis, and parents of adult children who use cannabis who have been afflicted by this insane prohibition. I hope Parents 4 Pot can serve as a vehicle to propel that voice.

Parents 4 Pot acknowledges both the mothers and fathers who struggle daily with their role as a parent and their choice to use cannabis. We use the word “pot” because it is a common use phrase in the daily walk of most people. It is purposefully informal because we really have nothing to hide or fear. Cannabis is safe, enjoyable, and helpful and parents who smoke pot are good people.

#Parents4Pot will be working on Board development between now and the end of the year. We welcome mothers who may be looking for an alternative to Moms for Marijuana after the new direction and tarnishing of that brand. We also welcome fathers who face the same challenges in their role as a parent. For more information, to be a part of the group, or to nominate potential great Board members please visit our Facebook page at:

Stay tuned for more developments on this new and exciting group of like-minded parents and activists!

21 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Marijuana…Another Failing Cheryl Shuman Joint”

  1. I don’t like that you’re calling it POT in your new group…that was my original problem with m4m, calling it marijuana. If we continue to call it by its “street” names, it will continue to be seen as a street drug.

    As for CS and this whole mess, well, I sat on that original board way back when and worked my ASS off to make it a viable non-profit. I fought and fought and never got anywhere, and when my 60+ hours a week doing interviews from bed because I was ill weren’t enough, and no one was listening to what I was saying, I left. Then along came the shark swimming in circles…2 years after I left. But I knew what was coming. I tried to tell people. No one would listen because CS would save them all!!!!!!! What nonsense. The woman is a shark.

    1. Here are my thoughts on using the term “weed” or “pot.” I do use “cannabis” as a term in some settings; but in conversing with people in every day life I find a less formal term like weed, or pot, is useful in conveying the message in a more warm and friendly way. They are not “street names” by any means. They are the words we have given meaning to for cannabis in our society and it is okay…read this and get back to me:

    2. Wow, very sad IMO all around. So MANY ladies – world wide worked very hard to get mom’s what it is and yes, I completely understand how they might feel ‘duped/cheated’ understandably. I don’t blame them. It certainly does appear to be all about money – once again. So let Cheryl ‘have’ moms. YOU did it before and you can do it again! Bigger and stronger!
      There is no stopping MOM’s or DAD’s!
      Parents.. I too, am not fond of the “for POT” part -can’t lie… lol
      BUT it’s catchy, if your mission statement is clear – hopefully those will get past the POT thing.
      I do feel a name with cannabis will be better initially approached by medical patients and parents
      of children needing Cannabis.
      I would not go to my Doctor and say “I want my kid to have Pot’.
      FROM EXPERIENCE >>> You talk about your ‘medicine’ with Dr.s as ‘cannabis’… or you will not be received with the respect you NEED and deserve. Sadly, it STILL has NEGATIVE responses when called grass, weed pot and ganga. Fact.
      That being said! You have started a new page.
      Let’s learn from this fiasco and continue to PLANT the seed of Cannabis education!! Educate parents and children.
      Thank you for sharing your story – it was very … educational for me.
      I had no clue, I do know Serra, have for years – I had no clue any of the crap was going on…
      Good – Cause I need to focus on DRAWING!

      1. If we were only talking about medical use in a clinical setting then sure…cannabis is a good term; but we are talking about every day pot use by parents, including enjoyable, spiritual, and medicinal use.

        I have talked to MANY doctors about “pot.” I have spent the last two years in Stanford’s sarcoma cancer clinic talking to panels of doctors about medical pot. We use the term weed and pot. Doctors are not as stuffy as you think, and using terms that are common in our society actually made the conversations much more real and meaningful.

        A lot of the “use cannabis” mentality is a result of your being conditioned by society to be a shamed….like it is derogatory to be called a “pothead” or something. I love it. I embrace it. I have nothing to be ashamed of. They do.

        It is not the term pot or weed or dank that is holding us back. It is our own belief that is somehow we act right and say all of the right things that prohibition will end. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Acceptance is growing not because of the term cannabis but because more people are willing to stand up and say “I like weed and I am a good person.” Semantics never released anyone from prison….

    3. And I don’t like the fact that so many people are begging for “more of the same, with a slightly different name that they they ‘believe’ sounds a little better than the same thing did last week.”

      They beg for “decriminalization” which really means “It’s still illegal…you just won’t go to jail IMMEDIATELY.” But you’ll still be harassed. You’ll still pay fines. You’ll still have ‘a smoky smell’ used as justification to harass/search/fine you. If they “find something on you” they can still “escalate procedures” to find out how many “charges” they can lay on you. If you don’t pay your fines…you can still be put in jail. So basically, NOTHING is different but the name.

      “Legalization” is also a misnomer, as that’s EXACTLY what we’ve already got.

      Before cannabis was “renamed for purposes of media infamy and racist fearmongering” it wasn’t “legal”…it was FREE! In order for something to be “legal” there MUST be a statute written about it “giving you permission.” It went directly from “free” to “illegal” because statutes were written that DENY YOUR RIGHTS. It’s been completely “legalized” ever since.

      They took a safe, natural, non-toxic, beneficial and EFFECTIVE natural herb which was easily provable to exist in objective reality, and “imported it with a new name into the imaginary realm of statutory control and enforcement” and it’s been there ever since.

      If you want to stop hearing about the continually growing mountain of abject failure we keep seeing grow taller and wider and pushing us all that much deeper into a hole we are “not supposed to be able to crawl out of”, then just keep saying anything BUT what the solution actually is, and keep fighting for anything BUT the solution to the problem: ENDING IT!

      You CAN NOT fix a system which was never designed to work for “The People” in the first place! Until we get that fact through our heads, we’re going to keep pissing away more years and decades and centuries and millennia FIGHTING OURSELVES AND WONDERING WHY WE NEVER GET ANYWHERE!

      REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION, and the criminals who people currently “look up to as our wonderful leaders” will disappear…along with all of the problems of prohibition that they have created, maintained, and expanded since before any of us were even born.


      It’s not hard at all! The logic behind the repeal of prohibition is so simple it can be broken down to FOUR WORDS!!!


      Now there’s only the METHOD required to end prohibition…and that can be distilled down to no more than in THREE WORDS!

      1) DEschedule.
      2) Repeal.
      3) DONE!!!

      So there we have it. The complete justification for the REPEAL OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION, and the method to accomplish it…in SEVEN WORDS.

      So why has NORML taken 40+ years and STILL NOT DONE IT?

      Why does almost nobody even SAY those words?

      Well, it’s either wilfull ignorance, pack of thought, or because they just plain make too much money because of prohibition to ever want to see it ended.

      Now it’s up to you: Keep begging for “more of the same”, or demand that it ends.

  2. The Cannabis Action Coalition became involved in the effort to help Billy Fisher several months ago as part of our ongoing efforts to stop CPS abuse. We took this action independently of “Moms” and we were unaware of the unfortunate conflicts surrounding the organization.

    We will be announcing the official roll-out of our new spin-off organization next week. While we are dedicated, first and foremost, to the medical cannabis community, we believe that this issue is so critical to ALL parents that we didn’t want to limit our cause to only those parents who use cannabis.

    The organization will be appropriately called the “CPS Abuse Project”….which describes exactly what the organization will be addressing. Our first project will be the creation of a “CPS Defense Manual” for parents….what every parent needs to know BEFORE CPS comes to your door. We are also going to be focusing on providing a guide to local resources for parents, legal and community support-wise, for those that find themselves victims of CPS abuse. We will be lobbying legislators to provide new legislation protecting parental rights that have somehow been eroded by state bureaucrats who seem determined to break up our families.

    We have too many members of our own organization that have suffered from this tyranny and we are determined to put an end to the kidnapping and sale our children by Child Protective Services. While our hearts go out to those who have given their time, money and dedication to the “Moms” organization, we wanted everyone to know that the fight will go on….and more aggressively than ever.

    Steve Sarich
    Executive Director
    Cannabis Action Coalition

    1. That is a good intention, Steve, and much needed. I hope you are open to input from parents that have struggled with CPS. They sure were a threat to my young family in the beginning days of D.A.R.E., Just Say No and Crime Stoppers.
      As for CS, no surprises there, unfortunately.

  3. Thank you, Mickey.
    It’s an ugly matter but I think you handled it well. One addition that is like to add though is that this queen for a day contest was launched before all this drama was released and the prize was supposed to be a flight to LA on Nov 12 for spa treatments. Cheryl Shuman had told one particular woman, Lindsay Bunn Rogers that she was her first choice. She even publicly posted light information and details for Lindsay’s prize… Then suddenly when this issue went public, the vote swings and the contest awards a laptop, camera and a few bills paid PRIOR to announcing the winner and not until the 15th… Three days after Lindaay would have been in LA had the contest been legitimate. Cheryl told the moms she was doing this to cover their asses and swoop in to fix things, not for a contest. If that were the case, why not say that up front? Why wait unless it was a cover up?
    I used to try an stay out of the Cheryl Shuman mess. I always try to live and let live. But now I can’t help but notice that even 24 hours after Serra was given her shiny new laptop and had her Internet bills paid, she has not released the financials requested, SHE has not addressed the remaining chapter leaders and she has not even posted to her own page. One look at Moms for Marijuana International’s page shows that literally every link shared is “via Cheryl Shuman” which boosts her ratings and further promotes herself. If Cheryl genuinely cared about Moms, why not sit Serra down and say “honey, you owe some people an apology and have some work to do.”? Instead this dog and pony show.

    I am sickened by this. I loved Moms and worked hard to make it what it is along with the women who have since resigned. Dr her to imply tht this was OUR failing is ignorance and slander.

    This could have been avoided. It was sadly just never Serra’s priority. So we moved on. There are several Phoenix projects rising from this mess. I recently started “Parents for Responsible Cannabis Use”. Seems kindred to Parents for Pot. I hope the outcome of this is not more name calling but a collective effort for self evaluation. Are we all doing the best we can to promote Cannabis reform?

  4. Its sad that something like this happens in our fight to free our favorite plant, especially involving one of the biggest voices. Moms in this movement are indeed very important to the cause. And so are dads. And you’re right, the term “pot” is perfect simply because that’s what we call it. So I think the creation of Parents4Pot is a great idea.

    As for Cheryl’s venture to “save” Moms for Marijuana, again, you’re 100% correct. We’ve had our own experience with her and we agree. Cheryl cares about Cheyl. And she can’t stand being called out. She likes to threaten with her legal bulldogs. lol She simply wants to have her name all over it. Media Media Media Me Me Me.


  5. That’s the problem with some of these “Activists,” they capitalize and profit while tugging at people’s heart strings. What might start out as good intentions, slowly tuns into only helping out those that will put them in front of the camera. Becoming “attention whores” and being more concerned with how much air time is given seems to be the norm. What’s funny is, there are others currently in the spotlight, whose true intentions are also slowly beginning to surface, it will only be a matter of time before you are writing a story about them. Thank you for having the balls, I felt this all along but kept my mouth shut. I will keep my mouth shut to a certain degree about the others. Perhaps you will or already know who they are. I could write a book about it. After, they bury themselves! The things I know…

  6. Theresa Knox and Sarah Caldwell, the other two incorporators of the ID corporation that lapsed, should sue Jennifer Bennett and Cheryl Shuman over control of M4M. Walking away from the goodwill of the M4M organization and creating “Parents4Pot” is stupid. That Sarah Caldwell bought into the idea that Bennett could fire her is a big part of the problem.

    1. Do you always call people’s ideas “stupid” when you first meet them, or is it just me? Isolating half of the parents on the planet (fathers) could be considered “stupid” too; but that would be rude for me to say.

      1. Let me tell you something STUPID, Mickey…

        It’s been said that 65% of US citizens want “the drug war” over. It’s been said that more than 75% of Canadians want it over, as well.

        There are about 350,000,000 people in the US, and about 35,000,000 people in Canada.

        That means that over 250,000,000 people “say” they want to see prohibition OVER.

        They won’t support the infinitesimally few of us who actually DO want to put prohibition to death once and for all, though.

        Let’s just say that we needed a million bucks for a national advertising campaign, and we needed it a month from now. This is what COULD HAPPEN if people weren’t completely full of shit:

        Everyone who “says” they want prohibition over could pick up a quarter.

        They could then flip the coin.

        Those whose coin landed on heads could send in A SINGLE PENNY. Those whose coin landed on tails “could sit this one out.”

        We needed a million in cash…we just got $2,500,000.00 in pennies.

        But no…we’ve got to “discuss” and “debate” and “talk” and “whine” and “bitch” and “moan” and NEVER DO A GODDAMNED THING ABOUT IT!

        But hey, that’s OK…because while we waste our time not supporting the few people who actually WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM, we also whine that “someone (else…but NOT ME! ‘Cause I’ve got more important things to do!) really needs to do something about that…”

        For some reason, we don’t see that sitting on our asses doing NOTHING isn’t accomplishing what we “say” we want.

        But the people who are ONLY in it for the money? They’re doing what they need to do to rob us all blind in the snowswtorm THEY are creating to protect their own revenue streams.

        Makes me sick, how easily we COULD end this idiocy…but we REFUSE TO EVEN BOTHER!

  7. I was suspicious of the legitimacy of Ms. Shuman from the first time I ever heard of her. I suspected that she was merely a “media Whore” who was “working” and issue for all that she could get out of it. Then, when the “Ohio Rights Organization” (A group that CLAIMS to want to make Ohio a “Medical” state, but which is not capable of making that happen…) invited her to come to Ohio to try to pump up their failing program, I became utterly CONVINCED that she was “scamiferous”. NONE of this comes as any surprise to me, as one of the main guys who is responsible for putting the ORG together is a guy who once stole my money and my mailing list in order to insure that Ohio would NOT see a vote in OHIO on “recreational” usage back as early as ’95. (That was at a time that I was trying to get something called the “Ohio Hemp Initiative ’96” started. The person I mentioned is a guy named Ken Schweickart, & he used that stolen money & data to start a group he called “For A Better Ohio” which has tried unsuccessfully on no less than 4 previous occasions to get his lame medical bill onto the Ohio Ballot. He has failed every attempt, mostly because of his inability to get more than 15% of his petition signers to be registered voters.) He has also spent the better part of the last 20 years trying to cut me out of the picture, but he has not succeeded in those efforts.
    Sincerely Yours In Revolutionary Struggles,
    Chris “The Anarchist” Ryan, (Yippie!)
    (Founder of the Ohio Hempfest)

  8. What’s with the ‘cutsie’ (very sexist) illustration of “stripping women” used as an eye-catcher to the article? Really? Is that how Moms 4 Marijuana asked to be portrayed?

    I refuse to “share” this article on FB -or anywhere- with that insulting picture attached.
    Grow up.

  9. Funny thing…not more than a year ago,when I heard people bashing Cheryl Shuman, I went to her defense. At the time, people were complaining that she was only trying to help rich people, and I rush in to ask “If she lives in Beverly Hills, and she’s trying to set up a dispensary in Beverly Hills, what’s the problem? Are people who’ve got more money than we do not allowed to have access to a plant that could potentially save their lives?” and that was the end of that.

    Of course, I can’t honestly say that I’ve EVER heard anything positive about her to date…looking back, I was OBVIOUSLY working on a very limited data set…now I’ve seen reams of negative reports of CS’s past exploits, and really nothing at all with even “a positive slant” unless it was penned by her…and last night, the topper! The ULTIMATE INSULT!


    A moment of silence, please….OKthatsaboutenough.

    A while back, I also began to question Cheryl’s motives, most specifically, when she appeared on The View. I tossed her a short message to make sure that she said the words “REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION” while she had an international audience…the one thing that COULD have helped inform people, and what did she do? She went on about her goddamned co-opted electric cigarette!

    She never mentioned that cannabis prohibition was ENTIRELY founded on fraud.

    She never mentioned that the US could stop wasting TWENTY BILLION ANNUALLY if they had sense enough to REPEAL cannabis prohibition, or that Canada would save TWO BILLION ANNUALLY if they did what they were PLANNING to do in 2002. (Google “2002 Canadian Senate Report”)

    One of the best possible chances to bring the idea of the REPEAL OF PROHIBITION into the homes and hearts and minds of MILLIONS of people across North America…wasted.

    So she could plug a stupid product that nobody really even wants…and that I’m told she’s no longer even selling, only about 6 months later.

    This is NOT the kind of people we need in the anti-prohibition movement, or the cannabis movement, or whatever you want to call what we’re trying to do.

    Support those who keep saying the same things, and who don’t keep changing to suit whatever media event is currently handy to make them a personal fortune.

    PS: There’s a REASON that the “big names” and “big organizations” and “big egos” and “big money” hate me…it’s because I say what I think, based on what I’ve learned over the years…and because I won’t settle for less than the REPEAL OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION.

    It’s the ONLY real, beneficial, workable, long-term solution. The sooner we admit this, the sooner we can start actually making some headway. Until then…keep sending your monthly cheques in to NORML…they’ve promised to continue their “legalese modification festival” for “as long as it takes.” If they haven’t ended prohibition in 40 years…and haven’t actually EVER even said the words “REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION”, that might be a hint that they’re not interested in ENDING prohibition at all.

    There’s my two cents, with inflation caldulated at 85 billion per month…I think that’ll be down to about .00042¢ in “Federal Reserve Notation.” d;o)

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