Cannabis Planet drops the fly

I would like to encourage everyone to support Cannabis planet TV, as they have decided to drop Dragonfly de la Luz from the programming due to the controversial nature of her political commentary. Obviously we at the Warrior are thrilled and hope other publications and organization would distance themselves from her as well.

VISIT for info on the show and to watch episodes. This show is evolving and is quite entertaining for those who love cannabis (although- of course- I would make some changes). 🙂

Look for Chef Mike’s cooking piece for some good cooking ideas…He does a good job.

4 thoughts on “Cannabis Planet drops the fly”

  1. I say no dice.

    Even the most lax editorial standards would have kept Dragonfly off the air. Firing the hit man after the murder is far from my idea of community building, compassion and integrity. Time to kick cannabis planet out of your universe.

  2. Hooray! Now if only WCC will dump this dumb tramp. How ridiculous that she writes for a mag started with seed money from Richard Lee. Her writing is mostly stoned dribble and she seems to use the same terms-which don’t really describe much. I will wait for the day that she has to get a real job and work like the rest of us.

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