Snake Oil: History repeats itself


Humans can be relatively stupid and gullible creatures. We will believe anything if you put the right sales spin and fancy marketing on it.

So here we are over 100 years after the snake oil peddlers were done away with by the 1906 Food and Drug Act, which attempted to regulate medicines and curb the abuses of “travelling “doctors” with dubious credentials, selling fake medicines with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence.” Sound familiar? Yes….Look around you. History is indeed repeating itself and the cannabis snake oil salespeople are out in full force to sucker you out of your hard earned cash before prohibition ends.

The ruse was simple. Wander into a town of unsuspecting people proclaiming to have the cure all for their illness and disease and sucker the townspeople into buying up all of your bullshit snake oil preparations. The way they would pull off the trick is to have accomplices in the audience that would claim that the preparation had really helped them. They would sucker people into believing their bullshit based on the testimonies of those who had supposedly used this new cure all and had been healed. Yeah…Let that soak in for a minute. Check the landscape and you can see that this ruse is more alive than ever, and the internet and social media have made it easier than ever to pull off. The quasi-legal state of cannabis and the lack of oversight or regulation make it extra easy picking for these modern day medical hucksters.


What we have is a perfect storm for fraud, corruption, and deception.

So how is this happening in the modern age of strict medical oversight and regulation? Simple….Because cannabis s first and foremost an illegal Schedule 1 narcotic it is in no way regulated. But because of the growing acceptance for medical cannabis in many states and a level of tolerance for these programs by the USDOJ, what is happening is people are pushing the boundaries of medical truth and ethics to sell hemp/weed oil products. Since the regulators cannot regulate the market without ending the complete prohibition of cannabis and acknowledging it does need oversight, people are left to make their wild claims and sell their bogus oils on the open market with very little fear of prosecution. It is disgusting.

The saddest part is that a lot of the new hype we see is aimed directly at children. Take the group “Realm of Caring” from Colorado lead by Josh Stanley and his brothers. They did a really shitty TV reality show called American Weed where they acted like some experts in weed and overacted their “reality” scenes to a point of nausea. They then were gifted a strain of cannabis which was high in CBD and found it to work well for cases of children with severe epilepsy and other conditions. Enter Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his highly watched program called “Weed” where he shifts his professional opinion on medical cannabis and does a great close-up spot on the efficacy of this medicine for a young girl named Charlotte. It is a well-done and touching piece that was informative and helped people to understand that cannabis did indeed have special healing properties. All good so far, right?

Leave it to the American value of money over morals to step in and take over though. Instead of being grateful they had discovered a remedy that could help others and working to make sure parents of these kids had access to these types of medicines, the brothers Stanley decided that they had found the magic beans and were going to keep them for their own gain. Because of the media they received they became a go to resource for parents who were desperate for relief for their children. The RoC group has truly let their minimal success based on limited sampling and over-hyped media go to their head. Parents have reported being forced onto a waiting list for care for many months and being forced to sign non-disclosure/non-compete agreements that only allow them to discuss their care and receive medicine from Realm of Caring. They are selling what amounts to a good high CBD strain dissolved in olive oil for big money to parents desperate to make their child’s suffering stop. It is pretty fucked up from an ethical standpoint on many levels. If there really was any “realm of caring” in there they would share the strain with parents in need and allow them to cultivate low cost medicine for their child; or at the very least allow other people with more production capability produce it in a higher volume to meet demands and not have to wait months because they believe everything Dr. Sanjay Gupta says on CNN.

NOTE TO PEOPLE SEEKING OIL: There are far higher quality and less expensive products available than are being offered to most caught up in the hype game.


As I dig deeper into the Stanley’s background and operations, more and more questions are raised. Now the RoC group is working to push CBD only legislation in states to ensure their place in the market by playing on drug war and prohibition fears. The Stanley’s go out of their way to play into the hype and propaganda, as they try to differentiate themselves from the average “stoner” or “pothead.” Check out these classic quotes from the Stanley’s and their mission from God:

“We are not a bunch of stoners, and we do not associate with the stereotypes of what people would like to associate with us,” Joel Stanley said. “We care about what we do.”

So you are suggesting that because one is a “stoner” that they do not care about what they do? And then there is this classic:

“If we were growing psychoactive plants for a bunch of potheads, then that would be the question,” he said. “But what people should ask is ‘How did a group of Christians come to grow a plant for sick people?'”

So now you are using your religion as a moral higher ground for your cannabis production? You are throwing the entire cannabis culture (which your friends say you were indeed a pretty deep part of…former deadheads) under the bus to play yourself as literally “God’s gift to weed?” This is the making of the modern day Snake Oil Salesman. Some fancy marketing, a little media push, and some good old fashion Jesus hyperbole for the folks in the cheap seats. It is insane that such a transparent group of charlatans have successfully bullshitted public officials and unsuspecting parents into buying their shitty story.

But they are far from the only ones. There are almost too many to mention. Swing a dead cat around and you will probably hit a person trying to push their latest miracle cure; but let’s stick to the big dogs.

The other big scam popping off is the questionable hemp derived products being pushed most notably by Hempmeds PX RHSO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil). The company claims that their product is legal to distribute in all 50 states because it is derived from hemp paste that is legal to import. Their claims are dubious and are moving targets. The parent company, Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) has a lot of affiliated companies that have made a lot of strange moves on the stock market, which is a totally different but related story. There is a good article entitled “Medical Marijuana, Inc. Definitely A Dope Opera” on Seeking Alpha that is worth checking out to get a better breakdown of the complex bullshit workings of this company, and their former partnership with Dixie, a Colorado based company also offering similar hemp derived preparations. It is extremely bizarre and frustrating. These con-artists have exploited the popularity of cannabis and zero regulation to make crazy marketing claims about their products.


The product itself is a low quality product that is produced under conditions that reportedly leave a lot to be desired. Here is a quote from one of the scientists hire by Dixie, then a part of MJNA, to help create these product lines:

I am tired of so called CBD companies claiming that what they provide is medicine. Anyone using a CBD from hemp product please be aware of what you’re actually getting because it is not what you think. These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste (contaminated with microbial life! I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvent and other toxins as the extraction is done in China ) made in a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption.

What these companies are doing is criminal and dangerous. In fact MJNA’s RSHO is literally just this hemp paste diluted in hemp seed oil. No refinement at all!!! And what Dixie Botanicals is offering is beyond disturbing. I cannot keep quiet any more. And since I formulated most of these products as head of Dixie science, I feel responsible for spreading the truth. I left Dixie for ethical reasons but it is not enough to just walk away. These frauds need to be exposed for what they are. Look out for my tell all article coming soon and feel free to contact me directly with questions as it is time to blow the whistle. Let’s keep this industry pure and safe.”

— Tamar Wise, formerly head of Dixie Science.

Sound good? Yeah…now check out the price tag:


That is right. For only $550 a tube or six tubes for $3,000 you too can have some shitty hemp paste black oil that comes from who knows where and is overseen by absolutely no one. You say, “Well Mickey….they haven’t exactly sent in people pretending to have been healed to sell their products have they?” Great question. I am glad you asked.


Check out this new MULTI_LEVEL MARKETING scam being put out by the MJNA group called Kannaway. Does it sound like some Amway pyramid scheme? Well it is. Unbelievable right? Check out this conference call the company has where this unsuspecting guy finds this great opportunity to sell these awesome products and make some extra money! How convenient. LOL:


Still not sold that is a scam yet? Listen to this bullshit fake news interview with known MJNA spokesperson Charles Vest (friend of #bitchface) where he explains the great opportunity. It is ripe with Snake Oil Salesman double-speak and bullshit:

They have posted messages like this all over social media and especially in forums where parents with sick children go to discuss their situation, often using very similar stories of success with people to lure them in:

Aloha My Friend! Listen – you’ve got to know about this. Do you already? I’m joining the 1st legal CBD product company and they’re launching in March / April. I’m going in with friendsand am gathering my troops .. it’s MLM style. 100% legit, legal, and I can send you more info. Let me know if you’re interested – this is BIG – millions of dollars and years of medical research to validate what we already know. This is going to blow up!! Do it with me, I will help you build a massive downline! If you are at all interested My ID (sponsor ID #) is: 2******* – enroll yourself first here: Kannaway | The Buzz Launch Kannaway | The Buzz Launch Team Information Website Under Development: Has been submitted to Kannaway for Compliance review. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed! Company CBD Information Website: We are now seeing the Convergence of …The Opportunity • Ground-floor … still in FREE prelaunch • March 1 – Basic ordering begins • April 1 – Official Launch with a powerful hybrid unilevel compensation plan Affiliate Company Websites • • ·

I am not sure how clear I need to make this, but these folks are making a big press to separate you from your money by providing false hope at inflated prices before the veil of prohibition is lifted and they are found out to be frauds.

Snake Oil selling is alive and well, complete with fake people who have been miraculously cured, fancy marketing, misleading labeling, and arm twisting. These bold faces liars and fraudsters are here to do one thing…make money and lots of it. They are using these schemes to boost their stock profiles as well. It is all a very twisted and ugly game to sucker investors and people who want to believe, but who do not live in a medical cannabis state, out of their hard-earned cash.

It is fucked up and we as a community should not allow for this to go on in our name. There are people’s loyalties being bought and sold on the open market to give some credence to these bullshitters; and it never ceases to amaze me what losers will fall into the traps of these frauds. But it is happening and many choose to stand back without saying a word in hopes that the whole deal does not collapse before our eyes and dismantle the work we have done so some bastards can have their get rich quick scheme based on lax supplement laws and misleading marketing.

This story is so big it is hard to write in one piece and it is only growing by the day. More to come on CBD only legislation, stock scammers, and inferior oil products in their own rights later. But it is up to us, as a community, to begin asking the tough questions and exposing these scams before good people get hurt any more.

What if prohibition failed to exist?


Prohibition is ending. It is dying a slow and painful death and then it will change in a quick and rapid burst. This zeitgeist is what we see happening right now.

We are in a strange matrix in time where cannabis fluxuates between legal and illegal, as well as understood and misunderstood. I am not sure any of us can understand completely what a legal cannabis market will look like, but we all know it is going to be different than what we see right now.

As we see the progression happening on many fronts to move towards more sensible cannabis policies, the industry finds itself in a strange position. We do not have the protections and oversight of normal businesses because all of our activities are technically 100% illegal. You also have an industry that is legal enough to draw the attention of people who want a piece of the imminent pie. What you have is the perfect storm of chaos to push bulllshit lies and fraud. There is a lot of that going around these days.

But what if prohibition failed to exist? Take the criminal element out of the equation for producing, selling, and buying weed. Then what are we looking at? If we are looking at an above board business community that had oversight and accountability would we see the same level of bullshit con-games that we see happening now? Would we see folks taking advantage of the system to profit of of lies and deceit? Is there a certain level of unethical and immoral behavior that we put up with because technically we all are criminals in the eyes of law enforcement? Do we not rock the boat when we see unsavory business practices because of the veil of prohibition hanging over us all telling us not to?

So what does that look like when that veil is removed? What standards and ethics should we demand as a community for people who want to operate in the cannabis industry? Is there things that are apparent now that would not fly in most other regulated industries, like booze or even coffee production and distribution? Are we susceptible to more corrupt forces because of our culture of being afraid of prohibition? Of course….but soon that will change.

In a legal and open market would we see the level of false advertising and gratuitous claims we see now? Of course not. Folks could not batch up some muddy oil made from questionable hemp paste and tell people it cured children from disease without having the FDA so far up their ass that their head would spin. Would we see people attempting to muscle their way into the market by pushing people out with fear and threats of being reported to authorities? Nope. Do we think that any jackass with some pink sheets could make a stock corporation focused on weed and sucker the masses into buying their inflated stocks based on their affinity for weed? Doubtful.

But right now we are kind of fucked.

We will not be forever, and I believe that more acceptance of this as a legitimate industry is coming quick. If we cannot begin to envision what that will look like, we will likely be run over by some well-funded and connected people who will take advantage of our conundrum. But if we can envision the world beyond prohibition we may be able to find ways to avoid a lot of the bullshit, and allow for the industry to evolve naturally.

If we continue to play the game by the rules of yesterday we will certainly be at a disadvantage. When we begin to understand that the world has changed and so has the cannabis industry, we can begin to prepare for the realities of tomorrow.

Progress is always difficult and often messy…


There is a lot happening in the world of cannabis right now. the walls of prohibition are crumbling faster than most had ever imagined and the cannabis reform “movement” is experiencing a lot of growth and change. With that comes some difficulty and at times things can certainly get a little messy. No one ever said ending prohibition was going to be quick and painless.

As the movement evolves from the underground into a working industry there are bound to be some growing pains. Many people who have worked on this cause for decades are being overrun by folks who just showed up to reap the rewards. There is no shortage of people pushing the “next big thing” and embellishing who they are and what they have done to dig deeper into cannabis circles. The sharks smell blood in the water.

People’s lives are being fucked with and their businesses are being attacked to create competitive advantages for wannabe business moguls. We have moved beyond a place where the people in this movement are here because they love cannabis….many do not. A lot of the folks we see coming on board as of late are people who like money and could give a shit about your weed, or how we got here beyond how they can profit from our hard work.

In this environment there is no real camaraderie. There is no trust and loyalty. It is all business; and in business the rules are a lot different. Personal and ethical responsibility to the cannabis plant go out the window. Business is about one thing…money. How much of it can we make to satisfy our investors? That is the only question. Nothing else matters.

So are we surprised to see clashes and situations where tempers boil over? Is it really surprising to think that when the buzzards begin circling overhead that we might want to take a shot or two at them before they swoop down and pick the carcass of our movement dry? Or in the name of “unity” should we all just bend over and take it like good soldiers for the cause?

I can assure you I will never bend over willingly.

One of the greatest, and one of the worst, things about this movement is that the people who make it up for the most part are non-confrontational hard-working folks. Weed brings out the best in people, and some find the soothing nature of the plant a pathway to passiveness and a desire for peace and love. Many people in this movement cringe at the first sign of conflict or trouble, and just beg for it all to go way. Many would rather let the predators have their way instead of doing the hard work of confronting and exposing them.

There is no question that this is a messy process. In order to confront those who prey on our immature industry one must speak up and take on the fight. A lot of these power-hungry charlatans are well-funded and have bought off some influential people in the industry to do their bidding. It is certainly an uphill battle….but a worthy one nonetheless.

Cannabis legalization and acceptance is happening rapidly. It is hard to really grasp and comprehend what we are seeing here. Progress is coming faster and harder than anyone wants to believe, and the folks looking to cash in know it. We have a choice as a community. We can stand back and let these folks rule the day in order to preserve some false sense of security through “not rocking the boat.” Or we can decide to take the task head on and demand more from the people who want to stand next to us and be a part of our “movement/industry.”

The second choice is difficult and often messy; but in the end, if we can stand our ground enough we may give birth to one of the most historic developments in business history; and create an industry that has a fucking conscience, and which respects the history of where we came from. A lot of people have lost their lives, their freedom, and their standing in the community fighting the evils of prohibition. It would be extremely disheartening to see all of those people’s hard work and sacrifice be traded in for just another cut-throat industry where profits overcome quality and dedication. 

We can decide if we want to sit down and shut up, or if we want to stand and fight. I choose the latter. If watching these battles is just too much for you to bear, then I apologize. In the end, maybe you will thank me though, if all goes according to plan. Selah.

Why #bitchface resolution is not an option


I have had many people come to me begging me to end the war with #bitchface. Let me just be clear and tell you that it is never gonna happen.

If you want to be on the same side as frauds, hucksters and cowards feel free. Unity is a myth when those involved are common criminals and charlatans. There will be no resolution. There is not going to be a kumbaya moment. Chances are it is going to get worse before it gets better.

“Why?,” you might ask. “What do I gain by putting time and energy into this situation?”

Cheryl Shuman is an evil human. She is not mistaken or misunderstood. She is a calculating con-artist who has spent her life seeking fame at any cost. It is not a mistake that she showed up in cannabis circles to try and make her claim to fame. She is here because there is attention to be gotten here, and no other reason.

I have tried to steer clear of this because she has so many pathetic issues to speak of that I didn’t have to, but let me say this out loud for everyone to hear so there is no mistaking it….


I cannot not even be sure she ever had “ovarian cancer.” But I do know that if she did, it was a “radical hysterectomy” that cured it and not cannabis. You cannot cure something with cannabis that was completely removed from your body.

Her entire story is a ruse aimed at tugging on the heart-strings of people and gaining attention for herself. Yes. She is that woman. Her entire history shows it. She has consistently lied over the years to gain sympathy and attention, even going as far as accusing Steven Seagal and an entire police force of assaulting her. Seagal was cleared of any wrongdoing and the suit was dismissed based on the claims being “repetitive and unintelligible.” Her entire life story is one case of attention getting fraud after the next. Cannabis is just the latest unsuspecting victim of this media whore.


But don’t take my word for it….Take Cheryl’s. Here is a link to a legal under oath deposition that she gave in 2008 where she admits she is a multiple felon for her role in fraudulent activities and makes NO MENTION of medical cannabis when asked about her medical history, even though this is after she claims to have “cured herself.” Here is that link:

THE REPORTER: You do solemnly swear that the testimony you will give in the cause now pending will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
MS. SHUMAN: So help me God, yes.

So we establish this is under oath and so help her God, whoever that may be….

She goes on to tell of her medical condition:

Q-   Okay. Could you tell us what your medical condition is at present time, as you understand it?

A-   All of the conditions?

Q-   As best you can describe those conditions.

A-   I had ovarian cancer. I have advanced — or acute pulmonary histoplasmosis, high blood 16 pressure. Those are the main things.

Q-   Have you taken any medication —

A-   Today?

Q — within the last 24 hours.

A-   Yes, I have.

Q-   Can you tell us what medication that is?

A-   Yes. I take Synthroid for hypothyroid or something; it’s Synthroid. I take Vanasipril [phonetic] for my high blood pressure. And I have  to take Primarin, which is a hormone, because I had to have a radical hysterectomy.

Notice ZERO mention of medical cannabis being taken and the admission that her ovaries were removed in a radical hysterectomy…a far cry from curing herself with cannabis oil. She states she was told her cancer was terminal, yet makes no mention of her taking cannabis to “cure” it in any way whatsoever. In 2010 at a public meeting she claims to have liver cancer and that she is in need of a transplant. No mention of that here….or ever again for that matter.

I establish this baseline fact because it shows that her M.O. is to gain notoriety through saying she cured her cancer with cannabis, when in all reality that is just physically impossible. How do you cure cancer in an organ that was removed? It establishes a sense of fraud in the way she explains her personal cannabis story, but if we go on in the deposition we can see where she admits her fraud and cannot even remember how many felonies she has been charged with in the past.

Here is that:

Q- Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

A-   Yes, I have.

Q-   And how many times have you been convicted of a felony?

A- I don’t know.

Q-   You don’t know?

A-   I don’t know. I’ve never seen the records.

Q-   Okay. Possibly more than twice?

A-   I don’t think so.

Q-   To your understanding can you describe the that you’ve had that you would consider a felony?

A- Could — I’m sorry. Could you say the 12 question again?

Q-   Yes. What felonies have you been convicted of, to your understanding?

A- To my understanding?

Q-   Correct.

A-   I went underground after this whole situation blew up and I lived under another identity. And when I signed to get a passport and a driver’s license, I signed the DMV records under penalty of perjury or something that the foregoing was true and correct. That’s my understanding.

Q-   And where were you arrested for that; what 25 city?

A-   I think it was in Beverly Hills. There was a Beverly Hills arrest and then there was another  arrest at the Barrington Plaza.

Q- And what was the arrest at the Barrington 5 Plaza involving?

A-   Basically the same thing where I was under another identity.

Q- So you were arrested twice in two separate incidents for false identity?

A- That’s correct.

Q-   And did you spend any time in jail?

A-   Yes, I did.

Now what kind of liar cannot even recall when she was arrested or how many felonies she had? It is also funny to think that she would be arrested AND JAILED simply for hiding her identity from her attackers. That is bullshit. She had fake identities to commit fraud and was busted for it….

And she cannot even remember how long she was in jail for? Huh?

Q-   And what about the Barrington? Did you spend any time in jail?

A Yes.

Q-   How much time in jail?

A-   I honestly don’t remember.

Q-   Was it more than a month?

A-   I think so.

Q-   More than six months?

A-   No.

Q-   Less than six months?

A-   Less than six months.

Bizarre, right? If you read the entire deposition it is nuts. She accuses Steven Seagal of wanting to have sex with her and “aggressively” pursuing her after working with him for many years. She says when she came forward to report it she was attacked in her parking garage. Then she accuses Beverly Hills PD of being in on the whole thing. She states she was beat up and raped by two people dressed as police officers and that there was blood all over her apartment. She then accuses the Beverly Hills PD of breaking in her apartment and cleaning up the crime scene to hide it. This causes her to flee and change her identity….but then she returns. She is then busted for the false identity and was apparently in jail for more than a month but less than 6 months as a result.

Does it sound UNBELIEVABLE? That is because it fucking is. She is a fucking liar and a con-artist.

You can almost hear the person giving the deposition laugh, as she tries to spin this tale. Her staggered recollection of events is almost comical. She can remember mundane details in some areas, but cannot recall simple things like where, or how long she was in jail for. Crazy, right?

I bring all this up to establish a pattern of bizarre and fraudulent behavior aimed at seeking fame and fortune.

Enter cannabis.

When Cheryl began to make herself known in cannabis circles was just about the same time media began giving positive attention to our cause. It is no coincidence that she suddenly became “cured from cancer” with cannabis. It was an easy in, and who would question it? She pulled at the heartstrings of this community, and eventually the press, to gain notoriety as “the Martha Stewart of Marijuana.” She managed to work her way into cannabis circles and spent a lot of time running around taking pictures with anyone in the cannabis industry to give herself some credibility….which is why any time someone questions her validity she answers with some picture of Jack Herer and a statement saying, “See. Jack was my friend. Jack wouldn’t hang out with frauds, would he?” It is pathetic.

So in October this situation boiled over and I wrote a piece called “Cheryl Shuman is Full of Shit.” The piece was written after learning of her continued fraudulent behavior and her willingness to use unsuspecting families with sick kids for her own personal gain became apparent. I could no longer sit quietly by and watch this fraud try to become the spokesmodel for an industry I had spent most of my adult life working to develop. Her behavior was disgusting, and becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

After writing the piece I was contacted by literally hundreds of people who thanked me for having the courage to write it. My piece gave comfort to those who had felt scared to speak up in fear of what this crazy person might do to them. What followed was more people willing to stand up and share their experiences with her fraud and manipulation.

Then came the public downfall of Moms for Marijuana, and my development of a group called Parents 4 Pot. Here is a piece I wrote on that situation called “The Real Housewives of Marijuana…Another Failing Cheryl Shuman Joint.” This piece exposed her work to undermine this group and use their exposure for her gain. She was successful in co-opting the organization and making it her own. She now uses their platform of 50k followers to spew her crap and create false support from unsuspecting followers. It is sad, and extremely calculated.

In response to this, #bitchface went on HuffPost Live and completely lost her fucking mind, accusing me of being an armed robber, smoking weed in the car with my kids, doing meth, and going to prison for raping “school-aged” girls who I drugged with my medical marijuana candy. Here is that video for those who missed it:

This is a very serious deal. None of the bizarre commentary she presents here is even remotely true. She lost her fucking mind on a national media broadcast for everyone to see and tried to use her platform to destroy my reputation, and defame, my family, my children, and my organization.

She has continued her crazy person attacks, including her continued recent attacks on the parents of Brave Mykayla, a young girl fighting cancer in Oregon. Because these parents came forward and had the courage to tell the story of how she manipulated them and used them for personal gain for a lousy $49.95 donation based on lies and bullshit, she has turned her sights on them. She is now publicly accusing them of doing meth and intentionally making their child sick to benefit from donations. Just like her bizarre tales of Steven Seagal and the Beverly Hills PD conspiring to attack, rape, and destroy her, she is spinning tall tales to try and save her reputation and existence in this industry.

She called the police on Brave Mykayla’s folks the other night and is threatening them with a CPS investigation. She has lost her fucking mind. She even gave me another meth shout out yesterday too. LOL:


If anyone thinks for a minute that I am going to “forgive and forget” on the shit she is pulling, you are crazier than her. It ain’t gonna happen.

It is over when she is gone, and not a moment before.

She can cry and kick and scream all she wants. She can try to play on the emotions of her followers and demonize me and those I associate with. She can set herself on fire in protest for all I give a shit….I promise you I will not stop my criticism and exposure of her fraud anytime ever. Sorry.

So for those of you who just want this to “go away.” It is simple. It goes away when she does.

What you should be doing is working to get rid of her. Cut off her support networks. Inform people of her fraud. Boycott and condemn companies, individuals, and organizations that support her. Speak up when she makes and appearance. Do not let her go anywhere without hearing the term “fraudulent #bitchface.” Make sure she is not welcome anywhere in this industry and that she can no longer make her living taking advantage of a young and immature industry. Continue to question her integrity at every step. Do not let her find comfort anywhere. If you do, you will be on my shitlist.

If we all stand up and do this SHE WILL LEAVE. She is a parasite. Parasites need a viable organism to feed off of to survive. If we ensure she is not able to sink her claws into the good people of this movement, and her avenues of exposure and wannabe-fame dry up, she will look for a different group of suckers. But as long as stupid people int this industry and movement throw her a bone in hopes of hooking their pathetic wagon to her falling star, she will continue to exist.

As long as she still exists in this movement, you will be hearing from me and others about it. You can be sure of it.

So you want it all to stop? Then do your part to get rid of this cancer. Let’s perform that radical hysterectomy on everything that is Cheryl Shuman and remove her from this industry. Anything less is just unacceptable to me.

Now enjoy this little dance routing from your favorite mom for marijuana circa 2007 when she supposedly had cancer.