Cannabis Response Network

Our movement is under attack and we must organize a coordinated effort. In an effort to launch a more fluid and precise response to unnecessary and misguided enforcement actions there is a need to form the Cannabis Response Network.

The Cannabis Response Network will be a regional coordination of patients, providers, activists and stakeholders that will be called upon to respond to situations of concern and crisis in order to defend safe access. In recent months misinformed and immoral actions against dispensing collectives, delivery collectives, patients, and producers of medicine have been taking place. Often under the guise of mistaking collective income for profits or a loose interpretation that all “sales” are illegal, rogue enforcement agents have attempted to shut down patient access avenues and have attempted to use these opportunities as a way to paint our movement as morally bankrupt charlatans that only care about money. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I have worked in this industry for over a decade I have seen firsthand the excellence of character and good-hearted nature of those who have risked their freedoms to provide patients with safe and effective medicines. Our movement is mostly made up of people who honestly see their work in the industry as advancing human rights and focus greatly on providing cutting edge patient care and safe medicine.

We cannot afford to rest on our laurels while opposition forces strategically plan against us in an effort to maintain the status quo of cannabis prohibition and expand the real profits of the law enforcement and prison industrial complex budgets. It is our duty to be an active part of the solution. We are encouraging dispensaries, delivery collectives, community organizers, providers and other interested organizations or individuals to join the Cannabis Response Network so that we may count on you and your organization’s members to respond should a crisis situation arise. There is no time to waste on this, as the rhetoric is ratcheting up and a backlash may be brewing. Any of us could be the next unsuspecting victim, so we must have a plan in place to  respond in force should one of us, or many of us, be in need of community response.

To be a part of Cannabis Response Network please email We will send you over an electronic form that you can fill out and send back to submit your organization or personal information, and begin receiving information on response coordination efforts immediately should they occur. Thank you for being an active voice for patient justice and working to ensure medical cannabis freedoms are preserved for years to come.

If you have time to volunteer to gather information from organizations please contact us ASAP. The sooner we can get folks on board the sooner we can be prepared for action. Contact:

Bhang Chocolate…The Original? Really? Come on, man?

SO I have bit my tongue for a minute on this one and meant to take it up with the ownership, but today is the day I have to ask, “What the fuck?” Bhang Chocolates makes a decent product, (although I question their dosage level accuracy. 60mg and 120 mg and 180 mg in that small bar? You are killing me, player. Have CW check their process because someone is bullshitting. ) but their up and coming organization should slow their roll on stating that they are “The Original” anything. Tainted was making chocolates many years before you post-memo heroes decided to show up on the scene and bless us with your presence, and even we would NEVER claim to be “The Original.” Cannabis and chocolate have been on planet earth for a very long time. THC laden chocolates have been a part of the human experience long before any of us showed up. Shit…this movement has been around for a minute and plenty of chocolatiers have been serving patients since the passage of 215. So I am publicly calling for you to remove this garbage from the packaging and have some respect. There is no ego (see post below) necessary to sell decent products and do well in the industry. You have a nice professional product so it is unclear what putting this bullshit statement across the top of your product is really meant to achieve (other than pissing me off). It is your call to make. I just think it lacks reality and respect.

Another word of advice: Be careful….I hear that shit can get you in trouble.

This is the owner and his hello to the market. Just another “everyone who came before me sucked” statement.