RE-UNITED and it feels so good?

I have been hearing the “let’s come together” and “divided we fall” rhetoric around the movement in wake of the election. The calls to put our differences behind us clearly does not take into respect those differences, nor does it respect those who were attacked and slandered by a select few in this movement. Everyone saying “let bygones be bygones” clearly were not called “evil, money-hungry, youth hating, people that were out to steal access from patients and enslave growers.” I was. Many of my colleagues were. People chose to twist and turn the dialogue to not just convince people to vote against their interest, but to think that I was an evil dick that was out to get them. So forgive me if I am just not feeling the “kumbyah” shit right now…..

And I am united. I am united with those who showed up and worked respectfully to try and make a difference. I have never felt more united with the people that joined me in a quest to take the next logical step towards cannabis freedom. I was lucky enough to meet many good people in the journey towards 19. I have no need, time or energy to mend fences with the fringe that demeaned our efforts and demonized our personas to advance their own cause. Nor should they want to unite with me. It would be a falsified half-hearted unified front at best, so why bother?

But real talk- I can say that there has been a strong and active coalition of people across the country that I consider to be a strong and vocal force to run with on the next big thing. For that I am excited. Why would we want to unite with cowards and fear mongers? Because we all smoke pot? No thanks. Those kids are lost and will never be a part of my army of cannabis warriors.

What I will do is try to build a broader coalition and do a better job of educating those who still fear cannabis legalization. I will work to convince others to get on board, instead of trying to convince a group of crazy people that Monsanto is not taking their cannabis. We wasted hours of time on addressing these morons and it hampered our message. It put us on the defensive in our own community over an effort to make cannabis lawful. These same hurt feelings and tin-foil hat conspiracies will be present no matter what makes the ballot. And I am sure some of the same people will be on board to sink ANY effort, so why would I want to reach across the aisle and work with those cats. No thanks.

Those people do not even deserve a seat at the table. The best thing we can do is hope that they lose their voice between now and then. Hope that people quit buying things from CannaCare so that they do not have money to run scare ads in every magazine. Hope that publications will quit thinking D-flies is some sort of “stoner authority” and giving her a voice. Hope that the collectives that opposed with lies because they fear competition will be closed by ironically- competition. We hope that if we are lucky enough to see a next time, that these people will no longer be relevant. 2 years is a long time. 30 years is a longer time.

There is no excuse for the actions of these few. Let me be clear. I AM NOT MAD AT THOSE WHO VOTED NO. I will never understand it, but that is clearly their choice. I AM MAD AT THOSE WHO USED LIES AND DECEIT TO UNDERMINE THE EFFORT AND DEMONIZED PEOPLE LIKE ME. There will be no “getting over it” or “coming together” after the shit you said about me, my colleagues, and the effort that was made. So as Steve Cooley seems to be winning the race and “safe access” is at the very least at a point of concern, and at the worst is under attack, do not forget who decided to the status quo was a good thing. Do not forget those who used their voice to keep you a criminal. Do not forget those that lied and mislead their way to 15-minutes of fame. Do not forget the cowards that thought first about their income and second about morality and justice. Do not forget that these people made it so that you have to get that $150 doctor permission slip to use a safe plant. Do not forget when your 1/8 cost $50-$60 that it could have been $25-30. Just don’t forget what could have been because it is romantic to “be the bigger person” and “work together.” No it isn’t.

If you forget the past, then do not be surprised when that knife is in your back again. You knew they were a snake when you brought them home….

Supporters and Champions Info Page

Some have questioned the need for a boycott of those who sabotaged the effort, and have called for a more positive approach. So we will begin the info page on those who Supported and Championed the Yes on 19 cause. So let us know who you saw beating the streets to make cannabis legal. Let us thank these supporters and champions.


  • Steve Deangelo (I put you first because I know you love that shit)- Harborside
  • Richard Lee- Oaksterdam
  • Jeff Jones- Patient ID
  • Chris Conrad- Expert Witness
  • Mikki Norris- West Coast Leaf
  • Debby Goldsberry- BPG
  • The Board of Berkeley Patient’s Group
  • Ed Rosenthal- Author/Activist
  • Valerie Corral- WAMM
  • Addison and Jessica Demoura
  • Dave Lampach- Steep Hill
  • DJ WiiD- Wilson Linker
  • Lenny Swerdlow
  • Paul Armentano- Author of Marijuana is Safer
  • Russ Belville- NORML
  • David Pullman- Attorney/Activist
  • George Soros (A million)
  • George Zimmer- Men’s Wearhouse
  • Peter Lewis- Progressive Insurance
  • Ethan Nadelman- DPA
  • Don Wirtshafter- Common Sense
  • Stephen Gutwillig- DPA
  • Dale Sky Jones- Campaign coordination
  • James Anthony- Lawyer
  • Marc Emery- Political prisoner (Google Free Marc!)
  • Jodie Emery- Cannabis Culture
  • Vivian McPeak
  • Seattle Hempfest Crew
  • Gean Pool
  • Matt Fennel
  • Ryan Thompson
  • Chris Bennett
  • Dana Larson
  • Eddy Lepp- Freed Eddy!
  • Robert Platshorn- Black Tuna Diaries
  • Norm Stamper- LEAP
  • Former SJ Police Chief Joseph Macnamera- Campaign help
  • Nathanael Bradley- LEAP
  • Dan Rush- Union leader
  • Lynette Shaw- Marin Alliance
  • Judge James Gray
  • Dr. Leonard Krivitsky
  • Dr.Lester Grinspoon
  • Dr. Frank Lucido
  • J. David Nick
  • Todd McCormick- Hempire Media
  • Steve Elliot- Toke of the Town
  • Casper Leitch- Time4Hemp
  • Tim Martin- John Doe Radio Show
  • Carl T. Raff
  • Mike Boutin-
  • Bliss Edibles- San Francisco
  • Juli Indica
  • Former NM Governor Gary Johnson
  • Student for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
  • Jon Perri- SSDP
  • Stacia Cosner, SSDP
  • MPP
  • Moms for Marijuana
  • Grass Roots Medical Cannabis Dispensary 1077 Post Street San Francisco
  • Pebbles Trippet and Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board
  • The Humboldt Growers Association
  • Subcool- TGA Seeds
  • Emerald Triangle News
  • ASA (for honesty)
  • Dale G.-
  • Chris Goldstein, PhillyNORML
  • Sabrina Fendrick, NORML
  • Diane Renee’ Fornbacher of NJ NORML
  • Eric X. Altieri, NORML
  • Allen St. Pierre, NORML
  • Micah Diagle
  • Troy Dayton
  • Greta Gaines
  • Angel Raich- ARCH
  • Amanda Rein
  • Cheryl Aichelle
  • Holy Hemptress
  • John Troll
  • Doc Herbalist-
  • Jo’el Medicine Man Garcia
  • Noah Kerwin
  • Jennifer Alexander
  • Michael Moore aka Papa Hemp
  • Joshua Potter
  • RX PO
  • PLANT-the-LAND Hemp Apparel
  • Glenn Macbeth
  • Cheyanne Weldon
  • Charlie Brent
  • Ngaio Bealum- WCC
  • Sonny Kumar- El Camino Wellness
  • Dion Markgraaff and NUG Magazine!
  • Leo Laurence J.D. (LEAP)
  • Yes on 19 San Diego-Rachel, Ben, Chef Truk, Aaron Evans (The Green Brothers), Dana (Forbidden Leaf)
  • Shannon Lamoureux
  • Richard Rawlings
  • Wayward Bill Chengelis
  • Sheree Krider
  • US Marijuana Party
  • McKenna Stephens
  • Victoria White
  • UCSD & SDSU chapters of SSDP
  • Cheba Hut
  • San Diego CityBeat
  • Henry Hemp
  • Danny Danko- HT
  • Evan Nison
  • Kyle Kushman
  • Shiloh Mass
  • The Family of Peter Tosh
  • The Individuals
  • Pony Boy of Los Marijuanos
  • Snoop Dogg
  • B-Real and Cypress Hill
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead
  • Melissa Ethridge
  • Daddy X- Kottonmouth Kings
  • Bill Maher
  • Danny DeVito
  • Zach Galifianakis
  • Tommy Chong
  • George Lopez
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Danny Glover
  • Susan Sarandon
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • California Young Democrats
  • Republican Liberty Caucus
  • California Council of Churches
  • Oakland City Council
  • Humboldt Count Board of Supervisors
  • All the people around the country who did phone banking for Prop 19
  • You
  • Mickey Martin- T-Comp Consulting

I am missing a bunch. Help me out.

Reality Check: Unity Collective in Sac loses mind over Warrior

Check this shit out….from CBS 13/upn 31 Sacramento:

The director of Unity Collective, Don Johnson, says the thieves got away with several thousand dollars in medical marijuana and $15,000 worth of money, food and toys the Collective had been collecting for the Sacramento Food Bank.

Johnson believes the dispensary was targeted because he took a stand against Prop. 19.

An on-line blog called “Cannabis Warrior” called for people to boycott certain organizations that were against the measure to legalize pot.  Yesterday, the website posted the name and address of the Unity Collective as one of those organizations.

“I have a really hard time believing that that’s coincidence, we’ve been open for two years without an incident, and the same day we were put on the list we not only were broken into, but just ransacked,” said Johnson.

CBS13’s Nick Janes emailed the author of the “Cannabis Warrior” block who wrote back saying ” I think you giving his epic tale of sorrow shows it must be a slow news day.  My opinion is that the entire story is an irrelevant conclusion.”


Take some responsibility for your life, Don Johnson. My blog is not the reason your shop was broken into. Nor is it the reason your grow burned down. Nor is it the reason dozens of collectives have been robbed and burglarized this year. Sorry.

No matter how much you want to stretch the truth and use this blog to create sympathy. I think you are a fraud for even suggesting this shit. Get a grip, Don.

STEVE BLOOM on HUFFPO- "They don't know how to pay taxes…"

Why Northern California’s Pot Growers Said No to Prop 19

Steve Bloom-

Deep in the lush mountains and valleys of California’s Emerald Triangle, marijuana farmers have been making a decent living, albeit illegal, off the land for at least four generations. The medical cannabis boom, which began in 1996 with the passage of Prop 215, made them even richer. So when it came time to consider a law that would tax and regulate their skunk-scented crops, the growers of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties decided it just wasn’t right for them.

“They’re country people,” says Bret Bogue, who owns Apothecary Genetics, a marijuana breeding and seed company. “They don’t know how to pay taxes.”

The denizens of the Emerald Triangle spoke loud and clear on Tuesday when they voted against Prop 19 by a 55-45 margin. The measure would have legalized marijuana for commercial sales, regulating what is currently an untaxed black market. Prop 19 lost statewide 54-46, with only 11 of the state’s 58 counties backing it.

Bogue contends that Prop 19 “would have destroyed Northern California. It would have suffered tremendously.”

One of the stipulations of Prop 19 was that every Californian would’ve been able to cultivate a 5×5-foot garden-room for about 10 fully grown plants. “Mom and pop operations cannot live on a 5×5,” Bogue says. “They’re the unsung people in the trenches who get the medicine to the people. The reward is worth the risk. They saw the reward totally diminishing to the point that they would not even exist.”

Kyle Kushman doesn’t see it that way. He’s a legal medical grower who lives in Mendocino County and plays by the rules, which allows for up to 99 plants, indoors or outdoors. “There are different types of growers,” explains Kushman, who’s pioneered a technique he calls Veganics. “You have the outdoor generational farmers in Humboldt and Trinity. You have illegal indoor growers. And you have growers like me who are trying to follow the law.”

A pot grower at heart, Kushman left his lofty position as High Times cultivation reporter in 2005 and moved to Willets, where he’s been breeding luscious strains named Strawberry Cough and Blackberry Kushman ever since. Kushman’s carved out a piece of the pie for himself, without getting greedy.

“I’m heartbroken and deflated,” he says about Prop 19’s failure. “The people here are so small-minded. They’re afraid of change. I have the right to grow a 10×10 for myself. They thought Prop 19 would take that away.”

To the contrary, Prop 19 would not have changed any of the existing laws that protect medical-cannabis cultivators. “I have the right to grow for 40 people,” Kushman adds. “That wasn’t going to change. It was a small progression. All of that fear prevented these people from thinking into the future. They just don’t get it.”

Bogue blames Prop 19 proponents for not consulting the NoCal growers before writing the initiative. “They needed to include the backbone,” he says. “They voted ‘no’ because they didn’t take the people into consideration. It starts from the ground up. You have to be able to walk in their shoes.”

Among the pot farmers’ concerns were being forced out of business by mega-grow operations (Oakland had already licensed four and Berkeley voters approved six more on Election Day) and the declining wholesale price of marijuana, which has dropped from $4,000 per pound to $1,500 over the last decade.

“If they had dealt with Northern California,” Bogue insists, “Prop 19 would’ve passed.”

Prop 19 proponent Chris Conrad begs to differ.

“If growers are against legalization, they can’t be part of the legalization process and now it’s up to them to show good faith support or be left out of the process,” says Conrad, who publishes West Coast Leaf. “That’s just political reality. The growers basically shot themselves in the foot. Prop 19 offered them a legal customer base, a statewide regulatory framework and a local voice to protect their interests. The next campaign is more likely to pitch a more restrictive approach to bring more conservative voters like Asians and housewives, who want heavy-handed controls, and will consider whether growers deserve any consideration at all. Those folks are unreliable at best, traitors to the cause at worst, and possibly a useful target to pit public opinion against as a foil for a winning campaign without a legal cultivation component.

“The growers lost a lot of potential influence on the process by showing a lack of political savvy,” Conrad continues. “They’ll possibly be grouped in with the narcs as being fundamentally opposed to legalization and not worth courting as an ally. So, they will need to come to the table with some proposals on how they would create a legal market for cannabis while protecting their interests, or they will be left out of the next round of decisions.”

Though Conrad claims that since the Emerald Triangle cast just 64,000 votes out of nearly 7.5 million statewide (3.4 million voted for Prop 19) and that “the problem is that other segments of the population are not on board,” Prop 19 organizers should listen to Bogue and others who felt disenfranchised.

With plans already being drawn up for another tax & regulate initiative for 2012, Bogue says he doesn’t want to “bash Richard Lee,” the Oaksterdam University magnate who bankrolled Prop 19. “I just want him to talk to the people. He didn’t talk to them at all.”

Then, and perhaps only then, will marijuana legalization in California stand a chance of becoming a reality.


"This card will make law enforcement respect you…"

While I appreciate the effort, R. Brumfield spreads a bit of false hope in his rhetoric.

Richard claims this card makes him “bulletproof” and that he has been raided 7 times with no issues. While I would like to believe that all I needed was a another $150 card-like permission slip to grow “a mountain of marijuana,” as Richard claims, it is a bit disingenuous and a bit dangerous to go around telling people this. None the less, I thought it was some funny and interesting stuff for y’all to ponder upon…

Besides badmouthing Americans for Safe Access at every juncture and blaming people for getting raided because they are  not “bulletproof” like him, Brumfield claims to have “cured cancer.” His favorite activities are listed on FB as “saving lives.” Okay Jesus Complex, we get it. Thanks for the video on how to become bulletproof like you.

One has to wonder why a bulletproof person would remove several pictures that showed him on top of his mountain of cannabis from his FB profile right after the election? Hmmmmm……

Cannabis Planet drops the fly

I would like to encourage everyone to support Cannabis planet TV, as they have decided to drop Dragonfly de la Luz from the programming due to the controversial nature of her political commentary. Obviously we at the Warrior are thrilled and hope other publications and organization would distance themselves from her as well.

VISIT for info on the show and to watch episodes. This show is evolving and is quite entertaining for those who love cannabis (although- of course- I would make some changes). 🙂

Look for Chef Mike’s cooking piece for some good cooking ideas…He does a good job.